Letter 48

​Querida Familia!

Well there is a lot to tell this week. First of all, thank you SO MUCH for all of the birthday cards! They were all so sweet. And Grandpa, thank you for sending your conversion story to me, I really loved reading it. So the news is: I’m being transferred to South Sacramento now with Hermanas Sharp and Cardullo! I am excited, it’s a bittersweet feeling though like leaving any area is. East Sac has been filled with trials for me, to say the least. I’ve been pushed past my limits and went farther than I thought I could go (don’t need to expound on that, haha, everything was hard for a while) but at the same time I love it. I grew to know the Savior more by serving here. I got to train 2 awesome Sisters here and become a leader in the mission. It’s been incredible. I love the people here and it will be hard to leave them however I know there are more people to love in other areas. I still get to be the Sister Training Leader so I’ll get to come back at least 2x this next transfer! It will be fun to be in a trio again, like in the MTC. Trios have their hardships but they can also be a great experience, so that will be good. And make it easier for me to do exchanges! So anyway, that’s the news, I’m excited and happy to experience new areas on the mission and see what awaits ahead.


This week was full of very meaningful spiritual experiences for me. It was a hard week but ended well. Ana Mata got baptized Saturday! IT WAS SO SPECIAL. Hna Marroquin came back for the baptism because well we all taught Ana and it was so great. It took her a while (she was an eternal investigator for about 10months) but she made it. Ana even cried Sunday when she got confirmed. I got to sit with her in gospel principles class and she was GLOWING. I felt special that I got to teach her for 2 transfers before East Sac split. So that was special for me! The bad news…. Gustavo decided to postpone his baptism 2-3 weeks. He passed his baptismal interview and everything! He just wants to wait to get his divorced finalized before he gets baptized. We told him he doesn’t have to wait or anything but he wanted to. Looks like I’ll just have to come back for his baptism! I know it will happen, he is so ready. We took Gustavo to Ana’s baptism and he LOVED it. He was so excited to take his 2 sons there, too. So it was a great experience. It was hard because we already had his baptism all planned and it was hard to cancel it. There were tears. But it’s okay, I am sure I will come back for his baptism. He is really special to Hermana Cosby and I.


I got a blessing from Bishop Woodland Sunday night because, well, I needed it. Like I said, the past 6 months in East Sac has not been easy. We have a challenging area where it is hard to find Hispanic people. Training Hna Cosby was NOT easy, especially at first. When Gustavo decided to postpone his baptism, I thought I was going to lose it. Seriously the mission pushes you to your emotional limit, even if you are not an emotional person. So I decided to ask for a blessing, which was hard because I don’t like asking for help. Well the district leader and his 2 companions came to help (Elder Laduke too!) and it was incredible. The blessing Bishop Woodland was exactly what I needed, and even he and Sister Woodland and some of the Elders had tears in their eyes afterward. It felt like a father’s blessing and was so specific even a patriarchal blessing…… it was that good. He basically told me my service I have rendered here in East Sac had been accepted by the Lord, which I needed because I have been hard on myself lately, not thinking that I have helped anyone in this area at all. Which isn’t true, but it was hard not to see any baptisms here after working SO HARD to try and help this area grow. Afterward with tears in his eyes bishop turned to me and said, that was a choice experience for me, thank you. I said no thank YOU bishop, you and your family are incredible. 


We went to the temple this morning which was AMAZING. We were late (Spanish time…….. hahaha) and so we ended up doing sealing’s as daughters. It was great! I know we were late for a reason. I was a daughter for one of them and the first sealing we did there was this SPECIAL spirit, the 2 old people who were proxy parents (who I didn’t even know) and I looked at each other and just smiled, I knew that person had been waiting to be sealed to her parents. The rest were special too, but especially the first one. I don’t even remember the name, but I will never forget that spirit I felt. Afterward we sat in the Celestial room of the Sacramento temple and wow……. all I can say is PEACE. I felt such peace. It was like the world had stopped. I LOVE the house of the Lord. And grateful I can go there, especially on my mission.


Well it’s off to pack pack and get ready to move! I am excited and feel ready for it. Bring it on! Through everything and all the challenges that come with a mission, I KNOW the Lord walks with you through it. I felt it. I still feel it. And I LOVE MY MISSION. There is a time every single day where I feel profound joy about what I am doing. Sometimes it’s sitting in a lesson and inviting someone to be baptized. Sometimes it’s standing in 100 degree weather and knocking on doors with sweat dripping down my face. Sometimes its helping my companion with something that is really hard for her. Either way, I feel it every day and I am trying to savor every moment of every day because, well, the time here is short. I love it, I love the Lord, and I love the Savior, I know without a doubt that this is His work. I am grateful to be a part of it every day.


Con amor, 

Hermana Aud