Letter 47

Area: East Sacramento, CA
Companion: Hermana/Sister Crosby

Hola Querida familia!
                  This week was great! I got to do exchanges with Hermanas Sierra (from Panama!) and Kennard, and with Hermana Thomas….dream come true! It was great to be with my old companion for a day, we had so much fun and worked super hard. We saw some old investigators we used to teach together in that area and even left a note for Andrea, and it was fun to have things they used to be for a day. Hna Thomas and Sharp are still planning for Ana Mata’s baptism this Saturday, which is so great because I taught her too and we are close. It feels good to know your park in the work matters, even if your investigator gets baptized with other missionaries. We are planning on bringing Gustavo to that baptism as well! We had to move his baptismal date to the 30, so just the day after. But I’ll write about that in a second, I’m getting ahead of myself. It was a great day and I got to see how much of a leader she has become since becoming a trainer herself. Exchanges with Hermana Sierra and Kennard were really fun too! I told Hermana Sierra that my good friend Hermana Wilson was in Panama City. I also loved her accent! She speaks beautiful Spanish. I told her I liked her accent and she said thanks! You speak like a Mexican. I said…..thanks? Haha. Hey, I’ll take it as a compliment. Anyway, exchanges were really fun and if I’m still the Sister Training Leader next transfer then I’ll be happy to do them again and get to know more of the sisters.
Speaking of which! Transfers are coming up this week…you wont get an email from me until Tuesday with my new transfer call. Who knows what will happen. I feel like I will probably leave East Sacramento, which will be very bitter sweet but I’ve been feeling like my time here is running out. 6 months in one area (4 transfers) is a lot. Parts of it have been really hard but I’ve also loved it, and it would be hard to leave. We will see! New places and people to love.
This week we taught Gustavo a magical lesson on what we like to call the big 3: The Law of Tithing, The Law of Chastity, and the Word of Wisdom. Hermana Cosby and I were afraid he might drink coffee or something small like that, but HE HAD NO PROBLEMS with anything! Not the Word of Wisdom or anything. Not only that, he LOVED all of the commandments and thought they were beautiful. Clean on the Word of Wisdom. Clean on the law of chastity. And loved the idea of tithing. He even knew it was 10% of your increase before we said it…….I said Gustavo how did you know that?! Have you been baptized before!? We laughed and he said no, only in the Catholic church. We read the scripture about tithing in Malachi and I said, what do you think that means Gustavo? He said, could it not be more clear? We pay tithing and God always provides for us, he never leaves us in need. WHOA! He is so prepared, it’s incredible, almost unbelievable. I’ve felt that it is such a privilege to teach him. Hermana Cosby even extended all of the invitations for him to live the commandments, I was so proud! So we are trying to prepare him for his baptism this Sunday………ekkkkkk! He is ready but it will still take a miracle! But I believe in miracles because I have seen them in my mission!  PRAY FOR HIM! Please.
While I was gone on exchanges Hermana Cosby actually found some new investigators for us! Well they were potentials we both found and made an appointment with them and she went back while I was gone and taught them! Some of the sisters she had to take out were YSA sisters that don’t even speak Spanish, but she did it all by herself! Wow I was so proud, because we have come such a far way from when we started. It is hard to “run the area” for a day when your trainer/sr companion is gone, but she did it and we added 4 new investigators as a result of it. How amazing. The Lord truly qualifies who he calls. I have a testimony of that! Something I’ve been reading and pondering lately: Matthew 20, the versus about leadership and becoming a servant through being a leader. I would expound but my time is up! Things to think about.
Well we have a Sister’s Conference tomorrow, and I’m doing a training segment with another Sister Training Leader, Sister Oliphant! (Yeah, super cool name). I am excited and it’s a good day to have a birthday on the mission, I suppose. I am excited! It should be great and I will write about it next week, along with transfers.
One last thing, I LOVED the Work of Salvation broadcast! How exciting! I don’t know how well using facebook will work with Spanish work, they don’t have computers the majority, however it will be fun to see what changes come! What a blessing to be a missionary at this time, I swear I love my mission more and more every day!
Que tengan una buena semana!
con tanto amor,
Hermana Aud
1. Hna Thomas and I!
2. A Virgin de Guadalupe……I have been missing these in my life.

Just for the family: Thanks for the package mom! I will open it tonight! It came last Monday. 🙂 Colin, hope you are doing awesome love you so much and I’m proud of you! I got your bday card and loved it. 🙂 Hope you got mine I sent forever ago when you were in the MTC.


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