Letter 46

Querida Familia!
                Hi family! This week was a whirlwind. I did 2 exchanges (they were both great! I’ll send pictures), went to a Quince (fiesta for girls who turn 15), went to a photoshoot (more on that later), went to a baptism where he thought they were dunking him in forward instead of backward (SO funny), and oh yeah, and Gustavo accepted a baptismal date of June 29th. Yahoooooooooo! Holy cow I can’t believe it! After all this time in East Sac and working SO hard, he said he would prepare to be baptized on that date. He wants to see a baptism before his own, but that is no problem because our zone is on fire and we actually might even hit the high water mark for baptisms in a transfer. So Gustavo will come this weekend hopefully to see and feel the Spirit that comes from deciding to follow Christ. We are so excited. We had a great lesson with him where he finally said yes, I will prepare for that date. And he came to church again this week, triumph of the week. I feel so thankful. And more than anything, I am thankful that Hermana Cosby can see that this is what a mission is supposed to be like, truly helping people change their lives and deciding to follow the example of Jesus Christ. I’ve been really proud of her and how much she has grown in these last 2 transfers. Especially with me being gone as the exchange sister she has grown so much. It’s amazing to see how the Atonement can be applied to EVERYONE no matter what their situation. Anyway, we are super excited for Gustavo and even found out his son Christian will turn 8 this month! Perfect. We are thankful for him and to see him grow in the gospel. 
Tuesday I went on exchanges with Hermanas Crane and Cardullo, which was fun because I served with Hermana Crane in Tracy when I was with Hermana Romero. Hermana Cardullo came out at the same time as Hna Cosby did. It was a great day! We got to eat dinner at an English members house and they were so sweet, they were such great missionaries and even introduced us to some of their Spanish neighbors after dinner! A great example of member missionaries. So they introduced us and we got right in to teach a lesson. It was great and I had a lot of fun with the other Hermanas. 
I did an exchange also with Hermana Sharp (Hna Thomas’ trainee in the other half of East Sac), which was fun because we went to one of their investigators house named Romi. She was having a photo shoot there (seriously glamour shots, it was hilarious, the women looked like they were out of a novella). We just stopped by to remind them of a lesson they had with the Sisters the next day. Also, we went to a Quince in our ward! The bishop told us to go, it was really important that everyone was there to support her, so we used our dinner time. It was crazy! Mariachi music and everything. Huge dress. HUGE. It was pink. Ha. They had a traditional dances and everything. Hermana Sharp and I were loving it. We were also able to teach a former investigator I taught when I covered that area, Ana Mata, who is actually preparing to be baptized! It was so great to see her. I don’t remember how much I wrote about her, but basically she was an eternal investigator that finally committed to baptism with Hna Sharp and Thomas. So that was great, we just shared a scripture with her Matt 19:26, with God all things are possible. It was a good day.
That is the most exciting news from the mission. Besides Gustavo, we only have 1 other investigator. Yeah, we are definitely in finding mode…again. We had to drop a lot of our investigators, including the sweet couple Guadalupe and Arturo because they both started working crazy hours and we could never find them. We will find more people though! The bishop (Bishop Woodland) talked to us and said he would try and help our members help us out in our area more, it is just really hard to even find hispanic people in this area because it is so nice/white. I said thank you bishop for understanding, we are really trying hard and being diligent we promise. So at least he understands! We will press forward with faith because even though it might be hard to find Hispanic people in our area I know there is someone who is being prepared. So we will keep going! That is the goal.
Love you all so much, les quiero mucho!
con amor,
Hermana Aud

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