Letter 45 – “Humility isn’t thinking less OF yourself, it’s thinking less ABOUT yourself.” (quoting anonymous). How right I have found this to be on my mission!

I have a few quotes I would like to put in this email, but Hermana Thomas said that this week and wow it made me laugh. Anyway, this week was amazing! Not only did we hit almost all of our goals, but GUSTAVO came to church! And it was perfect! He even brought his two kids, Sebastian (6) and Christian (7). Gustavo dressed them up in nice button down shirts and gelled their hair, it was awesome. We went to face to face them (remind them about church Sunday morning) and they were already outside and ready! Sacrament meeting was about being a good dad and the theme of father/our Father in Heaven which was perfect, as Gustavo is a single dad. We think he really liked it. On the way out of church we said, so how do you feel about being baptized on June 29th? He said “I’ll tell you later” so we have to wait to Wednesday to find out…. the suspense is killing me. Pray for Gustavo! He is so ready and I know he would love being a member of THE Church. It would bless his life. He would fit right in our ward, it would be perfect for him. We have a lesson with him Wednesday so we will find out then I guess. We had a great lesson with him by the pool (we always find him outside either walking with his 2 sons or playing them in the apt. complex pool, so sweet) and we read 1 Ne 1 with him. We talked about finding answers through the Spirit and we asked him if he prayed about baptism then, he said “well that’s why I’m going to church Sunday, to find out!” and then HE DID. It was great. There are 2 baptismal services this Saturday so we will invite him to one of those so he can see what it’s like. Hermana Cosby and I are SO excited for him, we just love Gustavo.
I did exchanges with Hermanas Romero and Dando Tuesday, it was great! It was weird doing exchanges with Hna Romero because well, she taught me a lot as my senior companion and now I’m her exchange sister/sister training leader? It was kind of funny but so great to spend a day with her. I went to Elk Grove and we had a great day! An English member called the sisters in the morning during studies and said she had a gardener that she wanted us to teach named Salvador. So we went over and got to sit in her backyard and teach him! It was awesome. Their backyard was like 5 acres so it was gorgeous. Salvador had already read a little in the BOM and was interested. He studied with the mainstream Christians and Pentecostals for a while but didn’t get baptized in their church because he didn’t feel right about it. His wife is studying with the Jehovah’s witnesses but he doesn’t feel right about that either. SO! That’s why Cathy (didn’t tell us her last name), a member of the English ward in Elk Grove, wanted the spanish sisters to teach him. It was a great lesson and Salvador really felt the Spirit. He even committed to be baptized!!! Also, Cathy owned a pig and I’m pretty sure that’s one of the few times I’ve actually seen a pig in real life. Haha! I took a picture. 🙂 So did Hermana Romero.
Quotes from Hermana Cosby this week: “Humility isn’t thinking less OF yourself, it’s thinking less ABOUT yourself.” (quoting anonymous). How right I have found this to be on my mission! Holy cow if you think you had faults before your mission wait til you are on http://www.mormonchannel.org/video/mormon-messages?v=1737858986001your mission, you will see your faults very plainly. BUT! Heavenly Father also magnifies your strengths so its like Ether 12:27 right there. You don’t necessarily have to tell people your faults to look humble, just don’t talk about yourself at all and there you go. Humility. 
Another quote” “Mormon is the hipster Christian.” -Hermana Cosby. Just think about it.
This week I am doing exchanges with Hermana Crane, Cardullo (new sister!), and Hermana Sharp. Should be fun! Last night we had dinner with the Monroe family (the ones who always send you real time pictures of us) and it was so fun. They have 3 daughters and love having the sisters over (they have all the sisters in our zone over, which used to be just the 2 of us and now there are 8 of us……a lot has changed in the last 6 months since I got here…). I love Sister Monroe because she reminds me of you Mom! Haha. She is great. She is so cool and served her mission in El Salvador. Anyway, I love the members here.
Well that’s all for this week! The big triumph: Gustavo to church. And he said he wants to come again next week. Pray for us Wednesday that we can have an awesome lesson and that he can commit to baptism at the end of June! We are seeing MIRACLES and I love this work so much! I always want to be a missionary! I feel that I love my mission more and more every day.
Les quiero mucho y que tengan una semana maraviollsa. 🙂
con amor,
Hermana Aud
ps. It’s HOT HERE! IT got up to 110 the other day! Our car read 119! AH!
1. exchanges with hnas Romero and Dando!
2. Hna Romero taking a pict of the pig, she thought it was so funny.

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