May 2013

ImageLetter 44

Date: June 03, 2013
Area: East Sacramento, California
Companion: Hermana/Sister Crosby

 Querida familia,

            Well I can tell you the theme of this week has been meetings, meetings, meetings….seriously. I’ve had 2 leadership training meetings and we had a Spanish conference (which was awesome, more on that later). And I have another training sister leader meeting tomorrow…..lots of things to learn I guess. It’s been good though. I do my first exchange as a coordinating sister Wednesday and I get to go with Hna Romero and her companion Hna Dando! SO EXCITED to be with Hna Romero again for a day and get to know Hna Dando better (greenie…as are most of the sisters in the mission right now). So that should be fun.

           We had a great lesson this week with Gustavo, and he is praying about being baptized!!!! He is so incredible, super humble and willing to learn. And the best part…….he actually read! KEEPING COMMITMENTS wohoooo! Man it’s hard to get people to do that. We gave him 3 Ne.11 and he loved it, when Christ comes to the Americas. Also it talks about the doctrine of Christ so we taught him L3 (faith, repentance, baptism, gift of the holy ghost, enduring to the end). He loved it and understood it, and finally understood the importance of baptism in the Church of Jesus Christ as opposed to the Catholic/other churches. So he is praying about that and we are going again to teach him Tuesday night, pray all goes well! Gustavo is so amazing Hermana Cosby and I  really hope he can be baptized before this transfer is over. Pray for

           We had the Spanish Conference this week for all  Spanish missionaries in the mission, and President Martinez (President Lewis’ 1st Counselor) trained for a lot of it. We read the intro to the BOM (the one written by Moroni, translated by Joseph Smith) and something I never realized……it was written FOR THE LAMANITES. Cool stuff! Read that intro, it says the BOM was written for the convincing of the Jews and the Gentiles (basically everyone) but also for the convincing of the remnant of the Lamanites to show them that they are not cast off or forgotten by God. Being Spanish missionaries, we are literally fulfilling prophecy that this book of scripture would be taken back to the people it was written for. We read some other scriptures in 2 Ne (Isaiah stuff) that also talked about this…that the descendants  of Lehi would be scattered across the land and that they would face trails and afflictions (hello poverty, illegal status and intense familial problems) but that this book, the BOM, would come forth in the Latter-days and bless them. Yeah, it was pretty awesome. Do I love beinga Spanish missionary? Yep. 

         Well…….we taught a Pagan guy this week. Haha no joke! Add that to the list of people I have taught in my mission. (So much diversity here, I love it!) People from almost every country in central and south america? Check. Cool Muslim people from Iran? Check. Random Russian people on the street? Check. Indian people? You bet. I love it. Anyway, we were visiting potentials in the birdcage apts (so many Hispanics there) and this kind of hispanic looking lady says, hey you are Mormons too! She invited us in. Come to find out she was Native American, and a member, but her son was totally Pagan with long hair and crazy piercings haha. He’s all, “I walk with the ancient ones. I wish I were born in Medival times…I’m a natural born hippy.” HAHAHA oh man loved it.  

         So some fun adventures this week! The good news is…….we have investigators! We are just trying to have them be progressing investigators now. Good things to come in the upcoming weeks here in East Sac! Can’t believe I’ve been in East Sac almost 6 months of my mission..that’s a whole 1/3. Crazy. I hope to see at least 1 baptism (GUSTAVO!) before I leave (probably next transfer, but who knows)…but even if I don’t I can say I’ve worked as hard as I can and helped this area grow….twice. I feel that here I’ve grown into the missionary Heavenly Father has wanted me to become in this area, and I’m thankful for that.

         I also found out Honorio moved back to Mexico this week! Well I’m sad but I’m happy he can finally be with his family……just means I’ll have to visit el Districto Federal de Mexico  after the mission! (also to visit Hna Romero, they live 30mins away from each other!)

 love you family, hope you have a great week! Also, I hope I’m sending this email to Colin’s email…are you getting these buddy?

 Letter 43

Date: May 27, 2013
Area: East Sacramento, California
Companion: Hermana/Sister Crosby

A Book of Mormon in Farsi and the kindest people I’ve ever met……
              We had a great week this week! Many things to tell about. I had my first “Training Sister” Leader Meeting last Friday. It was really great. Talked about the doctrine of Christ, what it means to be a humble leader (a servant to other missionaries), etc. President Lewis gave an awesome training. The only weird thing? I was the ONLY sister there. 4 hours of me, a bunch of Elders, and President Lewis. Not even Sister Lewis was there. Yeah I didn’t have a companion and it was so weird to be with 30+ Elders…. President said “you can be my companion Sister White!” Hahah it was funny, but I just felt so weird especially when we were eating lunch. Hopefully this week at our training there will be more sisters! I was the only newly called Sister so that’s why. It was still a good meeting though. I’m so excited to serve in this role!

              We had an AWESOME lesson with Guadalupe and Arturo this week. Well, Guadalupe was there and that was good but Arturo was LOVING in. First of all, he is a total bromista. YES! I have been missing them in my life! I haven’t been able to find a bromista since I was in Tracy. Anyway he is so hilarious and absoutely loves having us over. Always calling us Hermanitas. I love it. So we taught them about the Book of Mormon, and he loved it. Arturo said oh yeah I already know this book is another Testament of Jesus Christ (after reading the intro), and its just like a guide for us and our families, right? We said yes! He said well I need to pray and ponder it and then pray about it to see it its true. And if its true, I’ll be baptized in your church. What’s the importance of baptism anyway? THAT IS A SEARCHER RIGHT THERE. It was awesome. They even want to be baptized in the river (American River) because that’s what Christ did…… haha! I was SO happy. We would have to get permission for that but there have been baptisms in the river before, President just needs to approve them. So they are praying (well mostly Arturo) about being baptized the 22 of June. Yahooo! We are excited for them. They wanted us to stay longer so they invited us over for dinner this Thursday and we’ll have a lesson with them. (Guadalupe even gave us some food to do….Nicuraguan food! So  good) Sounds a lot like Honorio, no? I thought so.

              We also had a great lesson with a Muslim family, which left Hna Cosby and I wanting to learn Farsi. They are the SWEETEST family, it was sad we had to refer them to the English missionaries (we can only teach in Spanish, otherwise it’s called poaching). So we knock on this door yesterday, and this old man from Iran answered. His daughter (about 35) invites in and the first thing I noticed in their home? A Book of Mormon in Farsi. WHAT THE WHAT. Coincidence? I think not. I said where did you get that Book of Mormon? She said (her name is Mary) that her LDS friend gave it to her. They also had some pamphlets. My heart was racing so hard! Really? We just happened to stumble across this extremely friendly, humble Muslim family that already had a BOM in Farsi/Persian? Yeah. Miracle. They said they had even gone to church that morning (it was Sunday). We said, wow, so you are interested?
Mary said she would like to one day become a Christian and even a Mormon. We said, well, you can do that! She speaks English very well, especially for only being here in the U.S. a few weeks. Even her parents were so interested, she told us her dad named her Mary because he has always loved Jesus Christ (it talks about Christ in the Qu’ran, but only as a prophet not as a Savior). Anyway, they kept asking us questions like, so what do you believe? What is your church about? When she flipped through the BoM we could see she had already read a large part of it and marked a lot of scriptures. It was incredible. So we refered them to the English missionaries and told them we would go to our mission office and get them pamphlets in Persian. Coolest thing ever. They were SO kind, some of the kindest people I have ever met.

                 We also added some investigators this week we feel really good about! This guy named Santos, who has 2 kids and his wife’s aunt is LDS. So they both want to listen to us and learn more! We only taught him a little so we are going back to teach him and his wife Tuesday. He seem  like he has had a rough life, lots of tattoos, and has some kind of disability…. Hna Cosby and I felt he was in a good place in his life to recieve the gospel. We are excited and our area is really going well now! I hope to help someone enter the waters of baptism before I leave this area. PRAY FOR MIRACLES! Still trying to help Alan Pinto &family get ready for his baptism June 30.

Good things are happening! I know the Lord shows us miracles when we do all we can in His service. I’m more tired than I have ever been in my whole life, especially with this new calling (don’t be surprised if I come home with permanent dark circles under my eyes), but I can also tell you I’ve never been happier. And that’s no joke… that’s the miracle of the Gospel. Love you all have a great week!

con amor,
Hermana Au

Audrey 5

Letter 42

Area: East Sacramento, California
Companion: Hermana/Sister Crosby

 Querida familia!

I FINALLY got a normal transfer call. Yay! Basically the first one since I was with my trainer.So Hermana Cosby and I are staying together, as expected, because you have 2 transfers with your trainer. Wahoooo! Also…… I got called to be a sister training leader! Basically an exchange sister. So like a district leader I’ll do exchanges with some of the sisters in the mission and write their transfer reports. I’m excited about it, although I know it will be stressful. (Having to find rides to do exchanges, leaving my area, having Hna Cosby run the area, etc.) But I think it’ll  be great! Sometimes I think President Lewis trusts me a little too much  though, ha. It’ll be fun to go to other areas though! We will see.

 This week was a good week! We found some awesome people named Guadalupe (from Nicaragua) and her husband Arturo (Mex). They are great. Very Christian, and actually went to our church once. They are viajitos or sweet old people, so its fun teaching them. Hermana Cosby and I are excited to see them progress!  We had a great lesson a few days ago with just Guadalupe where she really opened up to us and actually cried because she wishes her children would be better followers of Christ. We taught her a little about the Plan of Salvation, and that there is always hope for those who go astray. It was a great lesson! I have felt it become easier and easier throughout my mission to express my love for people, and man I just poured my heart out to her. It felt great just to HAVE someone to testify to. So we are excited for them and
to keep teaching them.

            Also this week! We started using out bikes for the first time! And as far as riding a bike as a missionary goes, I LOVED it! It was nice to be out and about riding on our bikes. The downside? We didn’t get any work done. NONE. Haha. After a few hours of riding around in the nice California sun, we just had to laugh. What else can you do? I think it was because our area is SO huge and the hispanic population is so spread out (pretty thinly), we didn’t get to contact anyone. Which was the original point of President asking us to ride bikes, so we could contact more. I just don’t think it worked as well in a spanish area that is so big, everything is spread out. So we will see if the biking continues, I hope I can serve in another spanish area where it might work better because I really loved it. I’ll send pictures! I thought I’d be sore the next day, I actually wasn’t! Even on my ghetto wal-mart bike. Haha. (I even made a watter bottle holder
myself, it didn’t come with one. And it has a man’s seat even though it’s a womans bike…. yeah….. walmart……) But poor Hermana Cosby was sore! She was more of the theater type in highschool (which is super cool!) so she wasn’t as used to  riding. But we both had fun.

       We ate at the Bishop’s Sunday, I love Bishop Woodland and his family. They are amazing and are such SERVANTS of the Lord. We told him we are trying to help little ALAN PINTO get baptized in June! That kid should have been baptized a few months ago but their family has gone a little less active, so we are trying to help them come back and trying to get him baptized. He is so ready! And Hno Pinto can baptize him if they come to church a few times.

         They come, just not as often as they need to. Anyway, their family is so amazing I’ve grown so close to them since I’ve been here. It’s my 4th transfer here in East Sac, crazy! I’ll be here for at least 6months of my mission, a whole 1/3! Assuming I’m leaving after this one. We will see. Love you all! Hope you’ve had a great week…….COLIN I hope everything is amazing in the MTC! I sent you a bday card, but I’m afraid I wrote the wrong postal code I hope you get it in time!

les quiero mucho!  con amor,

Hermana Aud


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