Letter 40

Letter 40

Date: May 06, 2013
Area: East Sacramento, California
Companion: Hermana/Sister Crosby



Well it has been getting sunny and HOT here in Sacramento, so I’m
thankful its cooler and rainy today. Don’t think I’ll be seeing many
more days like this in the upcoming months so I’m enjoying it while it
lasts. This week was kinda crazy kinda good and kinda intense….all
mixed in. Haha. Well the best part was our new missionary meeting! So,
how many new missionary meetings have I been to now? Hahahaha. It was
awesome sitting with Hna Thomas in the trainer’s meeting, my
trainee-gone-trainer. We had fun! AND I got to see my friends!!!!! Aka,
my old companions. Haha. Namely Hermana ROMERO! And Hermana Marroquin!
And a few of the Elders (english) I came in with are training now too so
that was fun. It was a good meeting and I think Hermana Cosby enjoyed
it as well. In our corelation (is that how you spell it in English? I
seriously don’t know) Elder Austin in our district said Hermana White,
you have some serious posterity in here! I was like yeah I know! All of
the Sisters in our district basically…..meaning my trainee is training
aka I am a “grandma”. Just one of those missionary terms I guess, I
don’t tend to call my trainees my daughters like…ever. Haha. So
anyway! That was fun.


Last night we had an AWESOME lesson with our
investigator Gustavo. The first time we met him, he pulled the whole
“I’m Catholic but willing to listen” thing. We stopped by another day
and left him a BOM because he was interested and willing to read. Last
night he had some amazing questions we were able to answer. And he
UNDERSTOOD the connection between if the BOM is true, that the Church of
Jesus Christ is the only true church on the earth. I could SEE his
progression and development, it was the best feeling to watch him grow.
We had Hna Maria Gomez (SHE is so awesome) with us to give us that
member of the ward power in testifying, and it was great. I gave him the
baptismal invite. He said if he found these things to be true then YES,
he would be baptized. Wahoo! We committed Gustavo to read and pray
about it. He has the DESIRE! He is ready for the gospel, he is a sweet
guy who is divorced with 2 little boys. The only sad part is…. he has
work for the next 2 weeks in San Diego, so we can’t meet with him until
after that. But I said okay find the church in San Diego and GO TO IT!
Yes I will be calling him while he is there to make sure he goes to
church. We are excited for him.


Our investigator Consuelo is also progressing,
although she still has to come to church. She is a little lazy, I will
admit, but every time we go over there she loves it. Consuleo is also
reading in the BOM! She read all the way through 2 Nefi! That is a lot!
She is also talking to her boyfriend about getting married so she can
get baptized. That is a huge step! Although they aren’t living together
right now they have plans to in the future so we will most likely need
to have them get married before she can get baptized. She says when she
prays about baptism in the church she feels good about it. It sounds
like we will need to help her recognize her answer. Consuelo is so sweet
I hope she can progress. 


Those are pretty much our investigators at the
moment! We are still trying to FIND FIND FIND, little by little! I mean I
would like if it were a lot by a lot but that’s not exactly how it
works, at least in Spanish work here. We have some apts this week so we
are hoping to add hmmmmmmm, maybe 15 investigators? Hahaha I wish! I
keep praying that Heavenly Father will lead us to those who have been
prepared, and I can honestly say at this point in my mission I am
willing to do whatever the Lord asks of me to find those who He has
prepared. I guess sometimes you work hard and find people and sometimes
you still work hard but don’t find people. And that’s okay, I know the
Lord puts us through trials like this so we can GROW. Sometimes yes it
is painful and you just want people to flock to the church but we need
to gather these people one by one, and I know that part of that is for
our own personal benefit. He knows what he is doing. Meanwhile we are
still trying to help our area grow and progress. Well that’s all for
now, I love you all! The gospel is still TRUE! As Sister Schow always
says. Love it.

con amor, 

Hermana Aud

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