Letter 39

Letter 39 – Mormon Helping Hands

Date: April 29, 2013
Area: East Sacramento, California
Companion: Hermana/Sister Thompson


We had a good week this week! Hermana Cosby and I are
working hard and trying to help our area grow, and well…… we are! We
added 3 investigators, woooohooooo! We had some cool experiences this

First off we were able to participate in the Mormon
Helping Hands service project Saturday morning and I LOVED it. It was so
nice to just do some hardcore service like that. The 4 of us Hermanas
worked together painting part of the school and that was really fun.
There were about 400 people there! Afterward our zone ate lunch together
(they provided the lunch). I also got to hang out with some of the YSA
girls that come out with us to lessons (mostly Diane, RM from Chile). So
that brightened my week.

We had this COOL experience with these Muslim
family! We were visiting potentials and this woman named Sarah answered
the door, and let us in on the spot. We were like uh, do you speak
Spanish? She said no we just moved here from Iran (our potential moved
out). I was like COOL and well they invited us in and so we taught them.
Her husbands name is Milan and he is actually Bahi, not Muslim he said.
They were SO interested in learning about our Church and Jesus Christ.
They even read to us in the Koran about Jesus and Mary. I said so the
difference is that we accept him as a Savior. Would you like to learn
more about Him as a Savior? They said YES and we want to come to church
Sunday!!! So we gave them as a referral to the English Elders AND gave
them a BOM in Persian (Farsi) and one in Arabic, as well as pamphlets in
Arabic. Yes, our mission office has BOMs in like every language cause
we need them! (They even have one in TELEGU!!!!!! My native Indian
language….. 😉 ). They were SO kind, the kindest people I have met on
my mission so far. So loving. We asked them to pray at the end of our
lesson and she did in Farsi! So beautiful.

We also had a really neat experience with a former
investigator named Sarah Morales. We actually had an appointment with
her neighbor but she wasn’t there so I said well might as well knock on
her door. Sarah opened and said oh Hermanas I have been waiting for you,
I need help. So we said okay and went in and taught her a lesson. She
is an alcoholic and she is in a position to CHANGE. She investigated the
church about a year ago but was not ready then. As soon as we walked in
she said I need to go to church with you again. We said okay come with
us! We taught her a lesson on the Atonement and read Alma 34:9-10. She
definitely felt the spirit and was crying the whole lesson. Hermana
Cosby and I just testified to her that through the Atonement of Jesus
Christ she COULD be healed. I was able to feel the spirit so strongly
but more than that I saw the spirit working through Hna Cosby and the
words just CAME to her. She was more comfortable than I’ve ever seen
(she is usually really nervous for like everything we do) but she was
amazing. I just felt that we were fulfilling our purpose as missionaries
in that moment. We invited her to be baptized May 18th, and she
accepted! We will see what happens. I know that we were at least an
answer to her prayer in that moment. It was amazing. 

Fun stuff this week: we were knocking on doors and
this big ol black lady walks by and fist pumps the air and says,
hallelujah! We were like, hallelujah back! Hahahahahaha. It made my day.
Also, ALAN PINTO (of the less active pinto family) is getting baptized
JUNE 30th! The bishop just gave Hno Pinto permission to baptize Alan
even though they are less active. But they are coming back!!!!!! They
decided to close their restaurant Sundays and they all came to church as
a family yesterday. SO AMAZING it made my Sunday. He is 8 so he is not
an investigator of ours but hey we still need to get him baptized anway,
he is almost 9 and their family has been putting it off for about
10months now. So we are helping them all prepare for that. June 30 is
his moms birthday so sweet little Alan wants to get baptized on that day
as a present to his mom. How sweet is that? I loved it. 

Well that’t a lot so I’ll leave it at that! Overall a
good week. We don’t have anyone just about ready to get baptized but
hey!! We are fulfilling our purpose by working hard and testifying and
helping our area grow. So I am happy with that. Love you all and have a
great week! Pictures to come in the following email!

con amor,
Hna Aud.

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