Letter 38

Letter 38

Date: April 15, 2013
Area: East Sacramento, California
Companion: Hermana/Sister Thompson


Querido familia!

Well family I haven’t heard from
you in a while, whats going on?? Are you back from England yet? Do we
know how I am going to get a bike yet? That is kind of important. Haha.
Well I love and miss you all, hope to hear from you soon.

So this week was………good! And some hard days of
finding however! We found some people! It was awesome. First of all, we
found this amazing lady named Consuelo with 3 small kids. We actually
found her because the Roseville mission elders (our area borders their
mission) called us and told us there was this homeless lady on the
streets coming down to our area and that we needed to help her. Mind you
this was in the midst of all this crazy area splitting going on, and I
was just like WOW how can we deal with this right now!? Yeah, pretty
prideful. I was just very stressed out at the moment. But I called the
bishop (the only thing we could do as missionaries) and he got her set
up in a halfway home. Let me tell you, the HAND of the LORD was in that
(her finding a place to sleep at night with her kids), it was
incredible. So they are there for a few weeks and will move into an
apartment hopefully still in our area. She is AMAZING. We taught her 3
times last week and even had a chapel tour with her. Consuelo is
definitely in a position in her life to accept the gospel, she is a
SEARCHER. During our chapel tour she said she could feel that peace and
tranquility that comes from being at church. She even read more than we
gave her to read in the Book of Mormon, which is amazing. And she said
she knows its true. WHAT?! She basically became converted in one week?!
That is a miracle right there. The Lord has provided people for us!!!
Even in an area where it is hard to find hispanics! We invited her to be
baptized of course and she said she would pray about it. The work is
moving forward in our area!!!

ALSO LAST NIGHT! WE had the most AMAZING first
lesson ever! I swear, straight out of the Preach my Gospel district
dvds. So we had an appointment with this lady named Karen but she wasn’t
there, so we knocked on her sister’s apartment next door. Her name is
Claudia from El Salvador. Let me tell you, SHE WAS SO PREPARED. This was
the best first lesson I have ever been a part of in my whole mission.
And Sister Cosby was amazing too. So Claudia invites us in on the spot,
we sit down and get to know her. The first thing she says is “I would
like to come to church with you this week” and we said OKAY! Gave her a
map of where the church is. Then we teach her lesson 1, read some
scriptures on the Holy Ghost and how she can get an answer (Galatians),
and she understood it all. Not only did she understand it, she said okay
I would like to pray about this to know if it is true. So we said……
will you follow the example of Jesus Christ and be baptized? She
said………YES. Not even with Honorio have I ever had someone actually
accept the invitation to be baptized on the first lesson!!!! She wanted
us to come back soon so we could teach her more. So of course we are
going to go back on Tuesday! The spirit was so strong and we were SO
thankful. Hna Cosby and I said a prayer of thanks after and we were just
so happy. Claudia is excited to learn more, understands everything, and
wants the gospel in her life so she can have more peace in her family.
We need to be teaching more people like THIS. It was incredible, I was
so thankful.

Well I can’t say our area is back up to where it
needs to be but hey we are making some incredible progress! Even if we
have to knock on a bunch of white people’s doors in the process….haha.
Hermana Cosby and I are working hard and I know the Lord is blessing us
with miracles, for which I am thankful. And humbled. I just re read the
talk Kelly Heath gave me about the 4th missionary, and wow that talk is
the theme of my mission. I love it. Dedicate and consecrate yourself
even when it is hard, have inner peace and know that you are doing the
best you can, learn how to become a SERVANT of the Lord and a true
disciple of 

CHRIST. Dedicate not only your might and strength but also your HEART and MIND to the Lord. 

love you family! Have a great week! Colin when are you going through
the temple? Let me know these things please!!! Have a great week fam.

Con amor, 
Hna Aud.

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