Letter 37

Letter 37

Date: April 09, 2013
Area: East Sacramento, California
Companion: Hermana/Sister Thompson


news: Another new Companion, GETTING BIKES, and lots of new Sisters.
So, the massive influx of new Sister Missionaries has hit Audrey’s
mission. Also, this week, she forwarded us her “Mission News Letter”
which is interesting to read (and posted after her brief comments
below). I forgot that the very goal-focused aspect of a mission!! 🙂

From Audrey: SO I HAVE BIG NEWS! If you haven’t served a
mission this might not mean anything to you. But. I am actually training
another new missionary. I’m so sad Hermana Thomas and I didn’t get to
finish training together! We were supposed to have another transfer
together!! But the craziest part?! SHE IS ALSO TRAINING A NEW
MISSIONARY. This is totally unheard of!!! Training only 6 weeks out of
the MTC? I was surprised I was training at 6months that is even young!
But you know what, she is totally ready. Hermana Thomas is an amazing
missionary. So our area is being split in 2 different areas and we will
be training, me in the west half and she in the east half. So we go to
the mission office tomorrow to get our new trainee companions. I am
excited that at least we will be in the same ward and district, even if
we are not companions. But I will miss being her companion! This is
totally craziness going on out here in the mission field. If you want to
know the direct effects of the age changes for missionaries, THIS IS
IT. Also? We are getting BIKES. I am not kidding. Mom and Dad, I’m going
to forward you the email they sent us about bikes. So sorry this email
will be short because my email was flooded from all of your emails (and
picutres that Mom sent, lol) and I took a while to read through all of
them. So anyway. Big changes ahead. I told Hna Thomas if she needs
anything just call me! Hahaha also we will go to the new missionary
meeting and she would have been a trainee but now she’ll be a trainer!
HA this is so crazy. We couldn’t believe it when we got the transfer
calls last night. We are excited though and I know that’s what will be
best for the area.
In other news, Conference was AMAZING! A
much needed spiritual boost. Andrea came! And she loved it. We also saw
Omar this week and he is praying about being baptized April 20! So we
are really excited. It’s sad Hna Thomas and I won’t be teaching them
together anymore, we aren’t sure who gets what investigators though
because the boundaries haven’t been finalized. We have a meeting right
after this to finalize the new area boundaries. Hence this will be a lot
shorter than normal. We had a great week though, it seems like all the
miracles and promising people show up right before transfers. Funny how
that happens. Oh and I and my new trainee will still be living with
Sister Schow. Poor Sister Thomas has to move out! I can’t believe it.
She will still live close though just in an apartment. I can’t think of
anything else right now, besides that we went to the temple this
morning! It was great. I’m happy Sister Thomas and I got to go while we
were still companions. We’re going to get ice cream or something later
to celebrate the (early) ending of our training/for having an awesome
transfer together. We really did. I realized I will be in East Sac for a
while, 4 transfers now at least with 2 more as a trainer. I know that
God lives and that this is HIS work!!! We are moving it forward in a
very real way!!!!!!! Seeing miracles everywhere! LOVE YOU ALL.

The Sacramento Spirit Email-April 1, 2013
Vision- Baptize Many Truly Converted People
Baptisms in the Mission:
Baptism Goals
For the week: 11
Month: 56
Year 2013: 721

Obedience is the price, Faith is the power, Love is the motive, The Spirit is the key and Christ is the reason.
Dear Elders and Sisters,

We have been blessed as a mission to meet our March baptism goal! I
hope you will all join with me in thanking our Heavenly Father for His
kindness to us. I want to thank each of you for your faith and hard
work. Congratulations on meeting this important goal! Of greatest
importance we have seen 61 truly convert people join the Church and
Kingdom this past month. They will forever be grateful for you as the
messengers and to Heavenly Father and Jesus Christ as their Father and
We will be opening 13 new areas in the mission
next week! This is a record in the mission and is another indication
that the Lord is hastening His work. This is a special time to be
serving in the California Sacramento Mission.
this next week some of you are going to be assigned to areas where you
will need to ride bicycles. In preparation for that it is very
important that you read the attached file entitled Bicycle Information.
You will also need to forward this attachment to your parents / family
and follow its instructions. If you have any questions please call
Elder or Sister Cherrington.
We hope all of you have a
productive week and that you will enjoy general conference this weekend.
And please, let’s baptize!

President and Sister Lewis

General Conference: I know all of us are excited to participate in
General Conference this weekend. Let’s each prepare ourselves this week
so we will be ready to hear and commit to do His will. We encourage
you to invite as many people as possible to watch one or more sessions
of General Conference. It is best to watch conference with your
investigators or arrange for them to watch it with a member. Please
explain what conference is so they will have the right expectations of
what they will be seeing. Sessions will be broadcast in buildings
(usually stake centers) throughout the Mission. You can provide times
for Saturday and Sunday sessions (9:00 a.m. to 11:00 a.m. and 1:00 p.m.
to 3:00 p.m.) and channels with people on Pass Along Cards. The
stations broadcasting conference are as follows: (a) Dish Network –
channel 9403; (b) Comcast – 232 and 17; (c) Direct TV – 374; (d) Sirius
XM channel 143. People can also check local TV Guides, “http://www.bonneville.info/” or “conference.lds.org” for more details.

Stay Together: “It is extremely important that you stay with your
companion at all times. Staying together means staying within sight and
hearing of each other.” (Missionary Handbook pages 30 & 31) When
you have investigators at Church companions should sit together. If you
have more than one investigator at Church arrange for a member to sit
with some of them so you as companions can sit together.

Calling: “…you have been called by a prophet of God and set apart to
represent the Lord Jesus Christ and His Church….How great is your
calling!” (Missionary Handbook page 3) Your call letter states “You
have been recommended as one worthy to represent the Lord as a minister
of the restored gospel. You will be an official representative of the
Church. As such you will be expected to maintain the highest standards
of conduct and appearance…” In this regard I would like you to please
remember two things. First, you must be very careful about the way you
relate with anyone of the opposite sex (fellow missionaries, members or
anyone else). Things that were appropriate and harmless before your
mission may not be here. Such things as giving gifts, even small
innocent things, should be avoided. Be careful how you greet anyone of
the opposite sex or how close you stand to them or facial expressions
that might be interpreted as flirting or friendly in a way beyond your
calling as a missionary. Do not hold any private conversations with
someone of the opposite sex even if there are others in the same room.
Second, you should be careful about the clothes you wear. Make sure
clothes are not too tight or that you do not put things in your pockets
or around your body that cause your clothes to be revealing. Some of
you (elders especially) may have outgrown some of your clothes (members
feed you too well!) and you need to put away your old slacks and
purchase a new pair in a larger size. Slacks should not be tight on
your legs. Always wear a tie that is conservative in color, pattern,
width and length. Skirts and dresses need to come below the knee, if
they do not please put them away and purchase something that meets this

Missionary Quotes: Here are a couple of quotes from
missionary letters this past week. (1) “Also, we’ve really been
working on Short, Simple, Powerful lessons. It’s been really great. Our
investigators understand what we teach and so they can then apply it.
With these short powerful lessons our investigators have that time to
think about what we have shared and they can then apply it and feel the
Spirit testify of the truth of these things. It’s been really amazing to
see the blessings that come as we have worked to apply the instructions
given to us by our leaders.” (2) “The zone just keeps steadily
baptizing and picking up firms for the upcoming month. We are heading
into April with a solid number of firms again, and it’s going to be
another fruitful month for us. Our steady success I feel is due in part
because we are finding many new investigators each week, and always
continuing to build our teaching pools. Then we can quickly sift out
the people that aren’t ready just yet, and just focus and baptize the
people that are ready NOW!”

Quote of the Week: “Be bold and
confident as you invite people to make commitments (see Alma 38:12).
Boldness shows your faith that obedience to the Lord’s commandments
brings blessings.” (PMG page 196)


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