Letter 36

Letter 36

Date: April 01, 2013
Area: East Sacramento, California
Companion: Hermana/Sister Thompson


            Well this week was awesome. The funniest thing? Hermana Thomas and I had the WORST Easter dinner I have ever had… I mean, it was terrible. We were choking down this food. But what can you do? We just laughed after. Because it was so bad. It was this nasty greasy soup with a HUGE meatball with an egg in it… yeah it was disgusting. Hahaha! We ate with Hna Sanchez in the ward, the whole time we told her oh wow Hermana this is amazing! ……because if you don’t, they will chop your head off. And by chop your head off, I mean they will get super offended. Haha. So that was a fun Easter.
           We had a great lesson this week with Omar &family. His family took us out to a taqueria to eat dinner (SO nice of them). We were just casually talking and then he started asking us questions about Church. We asked him if he liked going to church last Sunday and he said he really loved it. He wants to come back! But, little by little. People say stuff like that all the time, it’s funny. (Poco a poco, poco a poco………) So we got to talk a little bit about the Plan of Salvation and temples/eternal families, so he turned to his wife and said, flaquita (little skinny….its a term of endearment I guess), we can be together forever?! He was way more excited about it than she was, but it was really cool. We asked him if he thought it was true, and he said……YES. So, we asked him to be baptized. He said…….YES! AH! We were so happy! He is praying about April 20, but he might be someone who needs more time. We will see. His spirit is so ready! The only problem is that he works a lot so we can’t find him at home all the time. But we are trying! It was an amazing dinner we were so happy.
          We also had a great lesson with Andrea, she is also praying about being baptized April 20th!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!! She is really excited for Conference, she wants to hear the Prophet speak and she is praying to know if he is a real Prophet. Andrea and her son Ismael came to church again this week and really liked it. She is always the one to answer questions in our Gospel Doctrine class, it’s amazing. I am proud she is our investigator! Haha. We have a lesson with her on Tuesday SO pray that she has accepted the baptismal date! She is so ready! When we first asked her when she wanted to be baptized, she said…….. October? We said no way! That’s way too late if you already know its true. We told her we had prayed about April 20 and felt good about it. She said, you prayed for me? About being baptized? We said of course that’s what we do! She was touched. So we will go over to Andrea’s house Tuesday and see! I feel like I’m in a novella (spanish soap opera) waiting for the answer. Hna Thomas and I know she will be baptized, it’s just a matter of when. She really reminds me of Honorio so much.
Speaking of Honorio! Hermana Thomas and I had the new missionary meeting last Tuesday because she is new, and I asked the Hermanas in Tracy East (Hermana Toro and Hanson, they are training too) how Honorio was. HE PASSES THE SACRAMENT every week! I almost cried I said really?! It made me SO happy. Of course I asked about Maria Infante too and she is also doing really well, still working on YM medallion. SO happy. I said you are so lucky to be in Tracy I loved that area. I will say the same thing about East Sacramento when I leave though. I also saw Hermana Romero at the meeting! She started training halfway through the transfer! Because they are kicking people out of the MTC early these days….no joke. So it was awesome to see her, I missed her! It was a great meeting…….. weird to be on the Trainer’s side and not the trainee’s side but hey I guess I am training. It was great.
           What else. We had exchanges this week. I went to south Sacramento for a day with Hna Novakovich, we got yelled at by a Russian lady. Scariest thing of my life, I thought she was going to pull out a gun and shoot us. I am serious. A 50 year old schizophrenic lady gave me a rock. And a hat. Yes, it was as weird as it sounds. Haha. So that was the adventure of the week.
           Hope you all have a great week! I loved celebrating Easter here it was awesome at church!!!!! I know He lives!!!! Read Isaiah 25:8, Mosiah 3:9-11, Luke 24:1-8 to find our more! Oh and HAPPY BIRTHDAY MOM! Glad you got my card. I love you so much and I’m so glad that I’m your daughter. Your #1 and favorite, don’t forget. LOL. BTW, we loved the Easter Baskets that you sent me and Hermana Thomas. Really nice mama. Love you all!
con amor, Hermana Aud

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