Letter 35

Letter 35

Hey family! &friends!

This week Hermana Thomas and I had an AWESOME WEEK! I am not over reacting, I promise. Let me tell you what happened. First of all, Andrea came to church! And she brought her 8 year old son, Ismael! AND they both LOVED it!!!!!! It was perfect because the bishop’s daughter who is leaving for her mission gave her farewell talk did so perfectly and Andrea really felt the spirit. (To answer your question Mom, no its not like our home ward, everything is all in Spanish in our ward it’s not like half and half. There are definitely more hispanics here so it’s enough to make a full ward). It was PERFECT. She said after that our church was so beautiful and everything. We had another investigator come to church, Omar!!!! I don’t remember if I have written much about him, he is totally a bromista and he has an amazing family. His wife Marta is really sweet and likes to listen to us but we’re not sure if she is as interested. He can’t read very well however he has been reading el Libro de Mormon and trying his best. I said Omar I learned the majority of my Spanish from reading the LdM en Espanol and I learned it quickly from doing that, I know that book is powerful and if you read it you will get better at reading. Not to mention you will come to know that it is true. Omar is someone who has gone to all kinds of churches and went to ours about a year ago. He has never wanted to come back to any of the churches with the exception of OURS. Hmmm. I wonder why? Maybe because its TRUE. So he also came yesterday (without his family) and loved it. He has a friend in our ward, Hermano Jose Garcia, so he has a built in friend/fellowshiper. Basically, he is also golden and Hermana Thomas and I love teaching them! We are having dinner at they’re house Tuesday and then teaching them the Plan of Salvation after, and we expect it to go really well. Oh, by the way, he already said yes to our baptismal invitation. YEAH. He is ready. 

Hermana Thomas and I are also really close to some of the less actives in our ward and have seen them come back to church! It is really exciting. Jesus Gutierrez has come 2 weeks in a row now, and so have the Pintos. SO EXCITING! One of our goals was to get a lot of the less actives coming back to church and we have seen the fruits of that. It makes us really happy.

Something fun that also happened this week. Sister Lewis, President Lewis’ wife, came out with us on Thursday night. First of all, she is SO sweet and spiritual. We went to a lesson with Andrea and it could not have been more perfect. We taught her about having a living day Prophet, about Thomas S. Monson, and how we as a church can receive continual revelation. And Sister Lewis was PERFECT to have with us (we translated her english into Spanish so Andrea could understand it. I am getting pretty good at translating fast!) She knows President Monson, he was the sealer at her son’s wedding (long story), so she testified that she knew he was a prophet. Andrea as usual was very pensive and soaked everything Sister Lewis was saying (and that I was translating). She said she would pray about it. We also invited her to watch General Conference so she could hear what he had to say! Andrea seemed excited about that. Hermana Thomas and I left that lesson so happy and excited because, well, Andrea is just amazing. She’s like Honorio. I absolutely love teaching her. She should be picking a baptismal DATE THIS WEEK! Yahoooooooooo!

One neat experience we had this week…. we were visiting potentials a few days ago and saw 2 Mexican guys sitting outside of their house. I said, okay hermana, le toca a usted, it’s your turn! Hermana Thomas was like no I’m scared!!!! Until this point I have been talking or at least starting the conversation when street contacting, just because it is hard to do at first. But I said okay Hermana you go up and talk to them. She was so scared and was like I hate you! (She was joking but not really). This is the fun part about being a trainer, muahaha. Haha. She was like okay I’m not talking to them. I said okay let’s go to the next house then. I knew she would feel guilty if we didn’t talk to them so she gave me the stink eye and I smiled and said let’s go and we went to talk to them. Well obviously she was perfect and we just started talking to them. And you know what? One of them, Jose, was really touched by our message! He was like wait, so literally it is the same church that Christ established? We were like yeah it is! He asked us about the organization of the church, the prophet, the quorum of the 12, and we even mentioned the 70. He said well yeah that is exactly how it is in the Bible, huh? Jose was a real thinker. Most people don’t get that when we start talking to them. Or ever. Haha. So it was awesome! When we walked away Hna Thomas said, I loved that! I was like, yeah, I knew you would. It was great.

Well those are the basic highlights of this week. It’s been great. I can truly say I love East Sacramento, the ward, the people, the investigators, my companion, Sister Schow….. it’s incredible here. I’m thankful. HAVE A GREAT WEEK EVERYONE!

con amor, 

Hermana Aud


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