Letter 34

Letter 34

Date: March 19, 2013
Area: East Sacramento, California
Companion: Hermana/Sister Thompson


Letter 34 – Hot off the Press

Well this week we have been working hard and it’s been a good
week. We had an awesome lesson last night with Andrea and actually with
her HUSBAND as well……this is a huge breakthrough! His name is
Rosander. He is a really neat guy, I really like their whole family a
lot. But he had never been interested in learning or talking to
us…..until last night. Yesterday night we went over to Andrea’s house
but she was having a family get together but still invited us in. We met
some of her older kids (they’re in college) and her niece. Once
everyone else left we had a chance to talk to Andrea and Rosander the 4
of us, and it was awesome because Andrea was totally able to testify
about her belief in the Book of Mormon, why she believes it to be true,
how it’s even more precious and clear than the Bible to understand, etc
etc. Hermana Thomas and I were like OH MAN! It was a great feeling. Her
husband says he believes in God and Jesus Christ, but doesn’t really
like other churches, or sees why it was important to go, etc. They
studied with the Jehovah’s Witnesses for a long time but neither of them
joined, he said he didn’t feel anything at their church like he didn’t
feel anything in the Catholic church either. He likes studying ancient
religion, he said. We said…..READ the BOM! That’s ancient religion
right there! Oh man that book is so powerful. He also said he believes
that Christ’s intelligence was some kind of extra terrestrial
spirit….. I was like well that’s some deep doctrine right there so we
wont talk about that but we know these things are true! And so does your
wife! We are going to give him the testaments to watch because we
thought he would like the ancient religion part of it. Who knows if he
will progress or anything BUT it was cool to have Andrea, our
investigator, testify of what she knew to be true. LOVE HER so much! She
just needs to pick a baptismal date! Tonight we are having a noche de
hogar (fhe) with the Rojas-Bustos, a family in the ward that lives
really close. Andrea is excited to go, so hopefully it will go well. Hna
Thomas and I are so excited!
Let’s see….interesting
experiences from this week. We were out Saturday tracting and visiting
potentials, when this guy came up to us holding a bible and asking what
church we were from. At first I thought he was going to try and bash us,
but he was actually really nice! His name is Solon and he if from Peru.
He asked us to come by sometime!!!!!!!!!! Wahooooooooo! How often does
that happen? People ask us to come by? Solon knew a lot about the BOM,
Joseph Smith, and even the angel Moroni…. we were impressed! So we
will definitely be going by! He asked us: why are you called
hermanas/sisters? We said well we call everyone in our church brother
and sister, because we know we are all children of God. He said I was
waiting for you to say that! That’s exactly right. It was so cool! We
will definitely be going by soon because he said he is going on a trip
soon and won’t be back til April. He even told us he about his friends
nearby and that we could go visit them. So. cool.
Well I would
say that pretty much sums up the eventful things for the week….nothing
super significant to tell but it was still a good week. I’m happy that
our area is finally progressing! We have worked hard to find people and
teach them. It’s been about 75 all week which is nice but I’m afraid we
will be in for a HOT summer….like probably as hot as it was when I was
in India, we are talking 110 degrees. Yikes!!!!!! I hope I survive.
Haha. Also, Hermana Thomas is doing so well! She is already an awesome
missionary! She can already teach people and speak with them. We have
tons of fun together too, she’s a super goofball like me so……..
yeah. Haha enough said. Work hard/play hard I would say is our motto.
Pray for us to find more people! Especially people like Andrea! We are
looking for the searchers, always. I am so happy Easter is so soon!
Crazy! We’ll be eating at Hno Pallares house for dinner on Easter.

THE GOSPEL IS TRUE, it’s the most important thing in my life. And if it
weren’t, I wouldn’t be here preaching the gospel. I LOVE IT.

Hope everyone has a great week, love you family! Abs &Elle, I
promise I am writing a letter today! Sorry I have run out of time every
pday but I promise today!!!! Love you all.

con amor,
Hermana Aud.

PS. Grandma thank you so much for the CD! We love it! and Grandpa, for the jellybeans! I love getting your mail.

oh yeah! that’s me and hna taylor and i found ugly sweaters and sister
schow’s house and decided to take a photo. and that’s our district after
dinner at the bishop’s house. fun stuff!

oh yeah also!!!!!!!
We had a great lesson with Andrea about the word of wisdom and tithing
this week! She loved it and said okay, any more commandments I need to
know about? We were like well, the law of chastity but you are already
married so we will talk about that a different lesson. Haha. She loved
it and said she would give up drinking coffee and try to replace it with
something else. SMALL MIRACLES (but really, they are all big miracles.
🙂 )



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