Letter 33

Letter 33

Date: March 11, 2013
Area: East Sacramento, California
Companion: Hermana/Sister


​Hola familia y amigos!
     This week was AWESOME and Hermana Thomas and I saw a lot of miracles. Like I predicted. It was incredible. Well I guess I’ll start with the most exciting because that’s what comes to mind. We had a lesson with Andrea, and we were teaching about the Doctrine of Christ. We had this really cool RM girl named Diane with us too (she just got back from Chile a month ago and actually reminds me of Kelly Heath, she even looks and dresses like her! Haha! And has the weird/cool Chilean accent). So it was just a spiritual powerbomb lesson. I told Hna Thomas before the lesson: Okay, you are going to extend the baptismal invite. She was so nervous and was like no way! I’ve only been out for a week! I was like Hna, you can do it. Just ask her to be baptized when the spirit is strong. So we talk about faith, repentance, and then we get to baptism. We found out Andrea had been reading in the book of Mormon and praying and everything, like really GOLDEN. Then almost out of the blue, Hermana Thomas transitioned perfectly into inviting Andrea to be baptized and………… she thought for a second and……… she said YES. We were like oh man! She is going to be baptized! She definitely knows its true! Andrea said she felt like we were true messengers from God and sent to her at the right time in her life. I don’t want to get ahead of myself because she hasn’t set a date yet and wants to learn more, but it was really exciting. This is new missionary power for the win. Some bad things were happening in her life before we got there and she could feel the difference when we started teaching her. Hermana Thomas and I really love Andrea, we have high hopes for her in the next coming weeks. 🙂
     We also had an interesting lesson with our new investigator named Maria from El Salvador. Last week we went by and she answered the door and said, oh Hermanas  so good to see you! We were like, um, hi? Most people don’t greet us like that. She said come back next week and we’ll chat. So we went by on Thursday not knowing what to expect. Maria was happy to see us and as soon as we sat down to talk she said, ok I have to set the record straight, I am a devout Christian and I am not going to join your church, but I am interested in what you have to say and I’ll respect what you have to say. So we were like okay……. not much you can say to that. We started with the Restoration and then started talking about the Book of Mormon. And let me tell you, that was PERFECT. Maria said, well why wouldn’t there be prophets here in ancient america? If God really does love all His children? Why doesn’t everyone accept the BoM as the word of God? I said well if they did, they would be a member of our Church. Haha. So we read the introduction with her and she really liked it. I asked her if we gave her a copy if she would read it, and she said she would. But NOT for spiritual gain or because she wants to join our church (as we all know, the BIBLE is sufficient and that’s all she needs…..), but because she is curious and likes to read. OH. Ok, we said. I think Hermana Thomas and I were both smirking because we new she would read it and if she did she would know it’s true. But we played along and were like okay well just for your curiosity, start from the beginning. We also showed her that there are cross references to the Bible because oh wow she loves the Bible. So that was kind of neat, she wants us to come back again this week so we will see what kind of adventure awaits.
    Also our less active Jesus Gutierrez came to church yesterday! Wahooooooooo! It was so awesome. I swear getting less active people to come back to church is just as exciting as teaching investigators and watching them progress.   
     I have to say I really like training so far! No wonder missionaries get excited about it, it is really fun. It gives you the chance to relive everything like it’s new again, as cheesy as it sounds. Because after a while you really do get used to being a missionary and it feels normal but it’s fun to enjoy the big and small miracles as they come and just love every day. Time is short here! And it goes by fast. I can’t believe I’ll be halfway through next month………………. crazy. I’m so THANKFUL to be here holy cow it’s such a blessing. Oh also something cool I got to translate in church today! From Spanish to English through a mic. Every week missionaries do it and I guess this week was my turn. (The Bishop’s family is white and they don’t speak Spanish so they listen….although their daughter is going to Brazil on her mission this month!) It was kind of hard to go fast without pauses but it was fun as well.
    WELL hope everyone has a great week! Love &miss you all and I pray for you ery day! You better believe it.
con amor,
Hermana Aud



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