Letter 32

Letter 32

Date: March 04, 2013
Area: East Sacramento, California
Companion: Hermana/Sister


​Hello family!
     Well well well another pday! I can’t believe how fast they seem to come. This week I have actually been sick all week, sore throat/cold/runny nose/lost my voice for 3 days. BUT! I didn’t really rest because I am TRAINING and I felt good enough to work so that’s what we did. I feel better today but I should probably try and rest later. Speaking of my trainee, she is AWESOME. Her name is Hermana Thomas from Orem. She reminds me a lot of Chloe, so we have fun together and get along really well. Hna Thomas did Spanish immersion for 9 years in school so her Spanish is already really good! She also went to the Dominican Republic and Guatemala for humanitarian trips. We are just working on grammar and stuff like that but she already speaks super well. I am impressed, she is already a really good teacher, and everything. It’s been great so far. I feel weird being a trainer but Hna Thomas makes it easy.  
     As for things that happened this week. Hermana Thomas and I got to teach a recent convert family, the Mora family. Angelica Mora (the mom) got baptized right before I got here. They are AMAZING. I really love their family and you can just feel the spirit there so strongly in their home. Angelica has that light in her face so it is just fun and easy to teach them. Hna Thomas was nervous because it was her first lesson but after we left she said, I didn’t even need to be nervous! I said I told you! And she did a great job too.
     We also had this cool lesson with one of our investigator’s friends, it was kind of random. We went to see Susana our investigator and instead found her friends that go to the Christian church there as well. So we all sat down and started talking and we found out one of her friends had actually been baptized in our church!!!! We were like whoa! (Back when she was in El Salvador where she is from). So we talked a little bit about why she got baptized in another Christian church. So then I started talking about the book of Mormon and she said she would still be interested in reading it, she always thought it was beautiful and had truth in it. So we whipped out a copy of the BOM and gave it to her and committed her to read a chapter (3 Ne. 11). She said she would. It was kind of cool! So that was a fun lesson.       
     Also our investigator Andrea is progressing! We had an awesome lesson with her last night with one of our members, Maria Gomez. Andrea is READY for the gospel, she is a searcher. I am really excited. She told us she wanted to come to church with us Sunday so we will see about that. She is reading in the Book of Mormon and I can really see her faith growing. We are also going to try to teach her husband soon. She said he believes more in “science”, and I was like hahaha well….I do too. There’s nothing wrong with both. I think it’s funny when people think like that. So Andrea is also going to invite her husband to church. She loves having us over and reading/learning about the gospel, so we are happy and excited for her to progress!
   Well I am expecting a week of MIRACLES this week! We have lots of appointments and are busy all the time, I feel like East Sacramento is picking back up finally. I am excited especially to work with Hermana Thompson. Have a great week everyone, love you all and I really do pray for you always. TRUST in the Lord and your weaknesses will be strengths! That is what I have learned here most on the mission. (ETHER 12:27


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