Letter 30

Letter 30

Date: February 18, 2013
Area: East Sacramento, California
Companion: Hermana/Sister


    Well per mom’s request I will be sending pictures this week. The first one is of me and Hermana Marroquin with a member of the ward, and the second is of Hermana Marroquin at the Peruvian restaurant we ate at last week. I’ll try to send another email with more pictures after this one. Well for the fun things of the week, I tried my first mexican corn! People here walk around and sell chips with lime &chili (yummmm I love them) and mexican corn. Its steamed and smothered in mayo and then they put queso fresco on it, then they sprinkle chili powder and spray some lime on it. SO DELICIOUS. Holy cow I hope I can still find that stuff after my mission because it was so delicious. Hna Marroquin was nice enough to treat me for my first official corn in East Sacramento so I will have to pay her back somehow.
     Well next week is our transfers because this transfer was cut short due to the change in the MTC schedule. I’m not sure if I’ll stay or not, things are going to get crazy at the end of the transfer. We are actually not sure how many new Hermanas will be coming into the mission because we have heard at least 3 different things. First we thought 4 then we heard 8 and the last thing we heard at our Zone conference from an AP was that 2 will come in at the end of this transfer and then 8 at the end of the following transfer. (eeeek, that means double training!!!) So I am not sure if I will be training or opening up a new area or if next transfer will be completely normal and the next one will be crazy? I don’t know. I will just do whatever I am asked to! We will see.   
    We had an incredible Zone Conference on Thursday, it was really long but good at the same time. Spiritually draining but uplifting at the same time. It’s funny how that happens. President’s theme was “what can we do to personally hasten the work?” So it was all focused around that. It was fun, we had lots of workshops and it was fun to be around a lot of missionaries even if I didn’t know them very well. I always love seeing Sister Lewis especially.
     So our main investigators right now are Yesenia, Maria, and Susana. And we had awesome lessons with them this week! Yesenia’s big problem is that her whole family is Catholic (well duh) and she is scared to change, even though she knows its true already. We feel like we are getting through to her though, her desire to act and come to church is growing and she can really feel the spirit. Yesenia works on Sundays so that’s a problem for church but she is praying to know what to do. She is so sweet and I’ve really grown to love her. We didn’t come by for a few days and she said where have you hermanas been? I missed you! I’m glad someone loves us and wants to listen to us. 🙂 Our investigator Maria read the first 5 chapters of the Book of Mormon!!!! Yahoooooooooo! She said she loved it and thought it was really beautiful. So that made us really excited. We also taught her the Plan of Salvation and Maria could feel the spirit, it was awesome. You can tell she really listens and soaks up what we are saying. And Susana also read the intro!!!!!!! It is so amazing when people actually keep their commitments we leave them. She didn’t fully understand it so we read it together and she understood it. We taught her the restoration finally (we focused on the BOM before we got to L1) and she UNDERSTOOD IT! So cool. Susana’s big question was why is there only one church in Mexico (Catholic) and so many here? Well we answered her  with the restoration and she said that makes sense. She carries the BOM around in her bag to read it. In that lesson we had a cool RM named Heidi with us who served in the Dominican Republic about 6 years ago and she was perfect to come with us. WE have investigators!!!!!!!!!!!!!! This makes me happy, I really love these women we are teaching I have high hopes for them.
      One last thing, we are teaching a few less active members who I just LOVE. The Pinto family, they are just hilarious especially Hna Pinto. She is going back to highschool to get her GED and so we help her and their daughter Leslie (15yrs old) with their homework for service. We are trying to get them to the temple prep class so they can get sealed. They are mostly less active because of work. There is also an amazing man named Jesus Gutierrez who is one of THE most intellectual and thoughtful Hispanic men I have ever met, he loves having us coming over. He is SO GOOFY and a jokster, we are always laughing right before and after the lesson. And sometimes in between. Haha. He has a lot of faith but thinks he doesn’t, he doubts himself a lot. But Hermana Marroquin and I can see plainly that he does. He told us to come knock on his door Sunday morning to come to church but come knock on his window if he doesn’t get up. Hahaha. His house is funny because they have a picture of Jesus (the main one the LDS church uses, just that head portrait of Him) next to a Virgen de Guadalupe because his roommates (crazy people from El Salvador) are Catholic. The joys of Spanish work! I love it.
     Well that’s all for this week, love you all and I pray for you everyday! Stay tuned next week for crazy transfer calls….or not. We will see!
con amor,
Hermana Aud


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