Letter 29




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Letter 29

         Well what to write about this week. Hermana Marroquin and I worked really hard. We had a lot of members that were able to come out to our appointments, which was nice. The only sad thing? We were hardly able to see any of our investigators. So that was discouraging. We worked to have everything all perfectly set up and were like yay! We have investigators! And members to come out with us! But….almost all of our appointments cancelled. So that was…unproductive. However! We did have a really great lesson with a woman named Sylvia Ruiz, a dropped investigator from about a year ago. We brought this awesome recent convert (the best members to come out with you are recent converts, just fyi 🙂 ) named Yenni. She is our age and wants to go on a mission! So we brought Yenni to the lesson with Sylvia and it was awesome, we hardly had to talk at all! That’s how it should be. Yenni taught basically everything, and connected with Sylvia because Yenni is the only member of the church, the rest of her family is Catholic. (As you can probably see, that’s a common theme in Spanish work). Sylvia said she didn’t know why the missionaries stopped coming by, she had actually had a baptismal date before they dropped her. She knows its true!!! She would only need to get married before baptism. (Another common theme……). It was a spiritual lesson and Hermana Marroquin and I felt really good about her.
         I realized the reason Hermana Marroquin and I get along so well is because she reminds me of Sarah Wilson. We are crazy together. When we tract we are usually dying from laughter and have to pull ourselves together before we actually knock on the door. It’s fun. This week we chased ducks around an apartment complex we were tracting.
          We also found a GOLDEN investigator!!!! The only problem is that… she doesn’t live in our area. But it was still really cool! We ate dinner at a member’s house named Vidi (&her husband Sergio, they are awesome). Vidi is a big latina diva for sure but so sincere and sweet. She is a hair stylist so she’s all fashionable and all of that. Her sister in law and mom were there at dinner too, and her sister in law isn’t a member. She’s actually separated from her boyfriend (they’re actually not married, go figure) but Vidi and her sister in law still act like sisters even though she is separated from Vidi’s brother right now. After dinner Vidi’s sister in law was asking us all of these questions about the church and she was asking the GOOD questions, the ones where you are like ok yes you are ready for the gospel. Missionaries in the past tried to teach her but she felt like they were pushy, and she didn’t like that pressure. She had actually gone through the temple tour of the Sacramento temple before it was dedicated and LOVED it. She said she and her boyfriend stood in the sealing room together (she was also pregnant with their child) and looked at them for eternity. She told us that since they split up she cannot get that image of them standing there out of her head! It keeps coming up over and over, every day. She said that she likes a lot of things about our church and they make sense when Vidi and Sergio explain them to her, even though she still likes some of the things from the Catholic church. We gave her our # because she said she would have more questions for us by the end of the week. (She lives in Sacramento so she would go to the Sisters there to be taught). But it was really cool to just sit there and have an amazing discussion with her about the gospel, it reminded me of the kind of people we need to be teaching. She is so ready to hear the gospel, it’s the right time in her life and she’s looking for something. It’s sad we haven’t been seeing as many miracles here in our area but I am determined to find them. There are people here, we just need to FIND them! Find the searchers!!!! And if Vidi’s sister in law gets baptized, Hermana Marroquin would get to go because we taught her. 🙂 That would be a miracle.
           Well hope you all have a great week, love you &pray for all of you everyday. The gospel is REAL, it’s the most real thing we can be a part of.
con amor,
Hermana Aud

PS. Also this week, Hermana Marroquin and I ate at this AMAZING Peruvian restaurant! It was soooo good. It was funny though because it was Mexicans and like 2 Peruvians in the kitchen making the food…hahaha that’s what you get for being in California. We started talking to them (in Spanish obviously) and left them with a pass along card on the table. It was cool! I’m so happy we can speak Spanish and make friends everywhere with the natives! It’s fun. They’re always impressed when white girls can speak Spanish.



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