Letter 28




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Letter 28

Buenos Dias!
           Well, this week was really great. It was. We were out all the time, teaching and finding and PREACHING THE GOSPEL and you know what? We found investigators! And we taught lessons! It was GREAT. We added this really sweet lady named Maria with 2 kids and left her with a Libro de Mormon. She really liked the first lesson so we are going back again! It was the most perfect 1st lesson we’ve ever had, because she was just listening and taking it all it. The spirit was really strong. We think she is around 24 or 25, really young like us. We also taught this lady named Adriana, she just started going to the Christian Church but she can’t remember the name of it (we took that as a good sign 🙂 ) and so she is looking for something, and we felt really good about her. We taught our investigator Yesenia as well (the only one that was here when I got here), and found out she actually has a testimony but is scared to act because her whole family is Catholic! So we are going to help her with that by taking members over who were in that same situation. We were just out all the time contacting potentials, drops, and just plain ol tracking (something we actually didn’t do a whole lot in Tracy). It was more exhausting than actually teaching, that’s for sure, but it was worth it and Hna Marroquin and I feel like we are helping East Sacramento GROW! Which is good, and our numbers were up a lot from last week! Not that numbers are important for numbers sake, but because they represent people and children of God. So we were really happy about that and are going to continue to help East Sac grow back up again. Because our area is HUGE (like 4x the size of Tracy East) so there are definitely enough people here! We just need to find those who are ready. Our transfer motto: “We gon FIND you!” Yes, we are going to find them. I really love East Sacramento just because it is so PRETTY. Just green everywhere and orange trees and palm trees and rolling hills. Tracy was more of flat fields. It was still pretty though.
         Sister Schow quote of the week: (She got up earlier than usual and I said oh you are up early!) She said, “I just get out of bed when the Spirit moves me, and sometimes it moves me to go to the bathroom!” what a goofball.
         Yesterday we had our stake conference which was really neat, it was a pre recorded video from Salt Lake and Elder L. Tom Perry spoke. 2 members of the 70 also spoke and Sister Cook from the YW Presidency. It was nice and the spiritual boost I needed. I really liked what one of the 70 members said, he was talking about how spiritual knowledge and physical/secular knowledge are separate, and sometimes one cannot understand the other. We should never let the ways of the world interfere with our spiritual knowledge, just because the spirit is not an audible voice doesn’t mean its not real. In fact, it’s the most real knowledge we can have. It brought peace to my heart. Whenever in doubt, read the last verse of Alma 34! Because it’s TRUE!!!!!! I know God helps us through our trials.
          Also yesterday was a HUGE superbowl party right outside of Sister Schow’s house. It was crazy. All the way down her street and blocking her driveway. We were like what is this. (Sometimes I cannot believe I am in America……..). It was so crazy we decided to go outside and take pictures during lunch, haha! Because Hna Marroquin is crazy like that. I love it. I don’t even remember if I wrote about her! She is really cool, from Colorado. She was adopted into a family with 22 kids!!!! CRAZINESS! Hna Marroquin is a reformed rebel now on a mission (proof: the atonement is REAL!) We have a lot of fun together. We are also working really hard together! I think the hardest part about working hard on the mission is that sometimes you see success, and sometimes you don’t even though you are always working hard. Sometimes you just don’t have anything to show for it, which is discouraging. But it’s okay, we know that no effort is wasted in the service of the Lord and He still knows we want to bring people into the Gospel. Siempre vale la pena!!!!!!!! It’s always worth it! It really is. There has been no day that has gone by on my mission where I have not thought, I am so happy to be on a mission. Even when it’s hard. It’s a BLESSING to be here.

Love you, I pray for you always, and hope everything is going well at home! I can’t believe its already FEBRUARY and wow I will turn 7months this month! Holy cow time is a flyin!
con amor,
Hermana Aud


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