Letter 27




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Letter 27

        Audrey is starting up a new area from scratch (Sacramento East) and gearing up to teach newbie Hermanas. I continue to be amazed (and grateful) at how happy she is and how much pure joy she is getting out of this work. Inspiring for Colin to follow in the happy wake of service that she is creating as a missionary! Reposting a pic. of her Mission boundaries so you can see where our girl is.

            Well first of all COLIN CONGRATULATIONS ON YOUR CALL!!!!!!!!!! Oh wow I would have never guessed you would be going to South Dakota, but then again I would have never guessed California Sacramento Spanish for me, either. Haha. I remember being shocked. But it turned out to be perfect for me and I know that’s where you are supposed to be going, little buddy! You are going to be a great, powerful missionary and you will be surprised and humbled at how The Lord will use you. Holy cow I can’t believe we will both be on missions coming up in May! SO exciting.
         Well this week was my first week in East Sacramento with Hermana Marroquin. It was really sad leaving Tracy, it’s hard to pass off the people you have grown to love so deeply to other missionaries. But I know they’re in the Lord’s hands. Saying goodbye to Sister Smith was sad as well, she almost started crying. I love the Smith family so much! I really love East Sacramento though. There is just one little thing….. we have no investigators. I mean none. It’s really depressing. It was hard this week to go from an area that we were working really hard in and things were happening, finding teaching and baptizing, where we had lots of investigators progressing toward baptism, to this area that has, well, almost nothing. We have been finding all week so that has made me feel better. We have only taught one lesson since I’ve gotten here though, which makes me feel like I’m not really fulfilling my purpose as a missionary. BUT! Hermana Marroquin and I are determined to pick this area back up, because normally East Sac is the leading area in the mission for baptisms. SO I know where it can be, it’s just not there yet and will probably take a few weeks to get back up there. Hna Marroquin and I have been finding and talking to everyone, tracting, visiting potentials and drops… we had the longest weekly planning session of my life to figure out how we are going to save this area. That is how desperate it is! But I know if we work hard we will be able to find those who are searching for the gospel. We set up a lot of appointments for this week so we are hoping to add a lot of them as investigators this week. Pray for this area! I read D&C121 this morning and it made me feel better. After a short trial it will pass, and we will be able to find new people to bring into the gospel. We especially need to save this area because all of the new Hermanas are coming in at the end of this month, and we don’t want to train new missionaries in an area like this. As for Tracy, I expect to go back for at least 3 baptisms! Still no word on if Fluvio is back from Mexico yet, but I think he should be coming back this week and Hna Randall is down there to take care of him.
           East Sacramento is really beautiful! Really green and hilly which makes me happy. We live with an 83 year old lady named Sister Schow. She is AWESOME. Really sharp. Her home feels like Grandma Forsha’s house, so I feel right at home there. She has this huge orange tree in her backyard which is so cool, we pick oranges almost every day. (I forgot to mention…. there are orange trees everywhere! I love it!) We were talking one day and I said Sister Schow, my great grandma is in her 90’s, you will live to be 100 no doubt! And she said, Don’t condemn me to that!!!! Hahahha we all started laughing it was so funny. Or one time I was eating an orange and she said, Sister White, I told you to eat a BIG one, not a medium one! I said, but I only wanted a little one, and she said I didn’t ask what you wanted!!!! I told you to eat a big one! Hahaha she is a goofball.
          Well all in all, even though this week was hard, I am excited to be here. I loved meeting the ward yesterday, I can tell it’s full of amazing people and I’m excited to be with them. I’m grateful to be able to get to know a new area, it’s making me grow as a missionary. Well I love you all have a great week! The Gospel is the most amazing blessing I can’t express the love and gratitude I have for it in my life!!!! Eternally thankful for it. Hna Marroquin and I joke that we go out into the lone and dreary world to work everyday…. but its true. The world it lone and dreary, but with the gospel your life is enriched beyond description. WHAT A BLESSING.

love you family &friends!
con amor,
Hermana Aud

ps. Our church is next to a Jewish temple. It makes me happy. Also there are the craziest churches here! Korean baptist! Chinese Protestant! …..tons of Russians, Black people, and Asians, mostly Korean, Cambodian and Lao…not like Tracy where there were tons of Indians! (I don’t remember if I even mentioned that…they were everywhere! It was so cool I loved it.)
pss. OH ALSO! Thank you grandma and grandpa for your letters, especially for the CD, my companion and I love it! It’s really nice guitar hymn music. We listen to it in the car every day!


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