Letter 26




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Letter 26

1st Transfer to Sacramento East!
        Well first of all, CRAZY THINGS ARE HAPPENING IN THE MISSION! Because, well, we are gearing up for having a ton of new missionaries at the end of next transfer. Everyone has to get to the areas they are going to train in. (All the Spanish Hnas will be either training or opening new areas next transfer…..that’s me! yikes!). SO I am being transferred to East Sacramento and my new companion will be Hermana Maroquin! I am excited!!!!!! It’s a bittersweet feeling leaving Tracy, we’ve seen a lot of success here and I really love the people. I’ll be sad to leave the ward and our investigators and recent converts, Hna Romero and I saw a lot of miracles especially this week. I’ve been feeling like it’s my time to go though, after 3 transfers here. So I have heard that East Sac is AWESOME. And I have already met Hna Maroquin and like her a lot. Something else crazy. Hna Romero is leaving too!!!!!!!! That doesn’t happen often, they almost ALWAYS keep 1 missionary there in the area so they can continue the work. She is going to Stockton with Hna Beale. ALSO! Guess who is coming back. Hna Randall!!!!! Literally we are trading places. Haha. She is shotgunning this area (coming in without a missionary who was here the transfer before) for the second time, and she’s coming with Hna Toro. So I am really excited because I don’t think it will take long to fall in love with a new area. 🙂
           This week Hna Romero and I saw a TON of miracles! Also, it was one of the most hilarious weeks of my life. Funny things just happen here. First, we visited this woman named Liboria. Let me describe her to you: She lives in a trailer park. She is old. She is about 400lbs. (No joke). She has only 2 front teeth. She prays to the Virgen de Guadalupe every day and says her rosary prayers. She has 3 dogs that yap yap yap like crazy when we come in. Liboria always screams: “callate! CALLATE!” which means be quiet or shut up! (It’s better in Spanish). And holds one of the tiny dogs against her belly holding it’s mouth shut and tries to hit the other one with her cane. Its HILARIOUS. Straight out of a movie. That’s the theme of the mission, things from a movie. Haha. Anyway, we had an incredible lesson with her. We were actually going in thinking it would be a drop lesson (where you tell them you can’t come by anymore if theyre not keeping commitments) and asked her if she had prayed to know if what we shared last time was true. She hadn’t. We shared a few scriptures, and then Hna Romero asked some amazing questions and found out….she actually doesn’t have faith God will answer her prayer. SO I said a prayer first and then she said one. It was the first time Liboria prayed from her heart. It was sincere and powerful, although rocky at first. Then……….. at the end, she started crying. She said………..amen….and then tears were coming down her face and she hid her face in her sweater. It was powerful because the Spirit touched her so strongly. She always told us, I already told you I’m not going to your church! But, she felt it. We were silent for a good 5 minutes. Liboria knew it was true. All of her dogs were silent as we left, it was calm with the Spirit. We’re not sure what’s going to happen now that we are both leaving, but it was really incredible. Hna Romero and I walked out of there thinking, that lesson should have been on The District 3!!!!!! Haha.

         Also this week: Jose Salvatierra is still progressing! It’s incredible to watch. We taught him the plan of Salvation this week which was really powerful. He said he really understood the Terrestrial kingdom, he knows he needs to act on the faith he has to make it to the Celestial. We had a great lesson with Fidel, who we started teaching again. I LOVE him so much, he is an old fool and we are always joking around. We kind of had a breakthrough lesson with him where he understood things better. Just L1 the Restoration using cups so it was easier. He is praying seriously about being baptized February 9th! PRAY for him!!!!!! He can do it!!!!!!!! We also had a cool miracle, we were teaching his wife Adelina because she is less active (separate lesson) and her son David, who is actually a member too, was there at the end. David is less active and actually struggling with drug addictions, so I gave Adelina the Addiction Recovery Program info for him. Anyway he comes in at the end of the lesson and we asked her if she wanted to pray, and David actually asked us if HE could pray! He usually just leaves when we come over even though we tried teaching him before. It was a simple and sincere prayer. We were like…. did that just happen? This druggie just prayed to end our lesson? There is STILL light in him! So we were really excited about that. OH! Honorio bought a suit!!!!!!!! Everyone at church didn’t recognize him! He usually wears jeans and a sweater, which I thought was cute in an old man way. But WOW I have a picture which I’ll either send later today or next week, he looked like a different person. Oh Honorio, I love him so much.
           Well time to go but I still have some email time left, I might hop on later and send some pictures. I’m almost done packing so we will see! COLIN I can’t believe you didn’t get your call yet!!!!! I’m anxious I thought it would come this week and I would find out today. Oh well I’ll find out next Monday. Are you stoked!? …You should be. Ok love you all have a great week!

con amor,
Hermana Aud


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