Letter 25




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Letter 25

 6 Month Anniversary with 12 more to go! Audrey is a happy, happy missionary.

         Well this week was really good, our investigator Jose Salvatierra is progressing!!!!! It is really exciting. We had an awesome lesson with him last night, it was powerful and the Spirit was there so strongly. We read 3 Nephi 11 with him and WOW it was powerful… that is a perfect chapter because not only does it talk about when the Savior comes to the Americas, it also talks about the how and why of baptism. Jose is 2x divorced and told us he struggles with depression. He used to have a close relationship with God but fell away from Him a few years ago, and now is looking for a way back… and then we came and left him that note. THE LORDS TIMING IS PERFECT. It is really incredible. He really opened up to us last night about his life and struggles, and we got to testify of the power of the Atonement to him. He was listening, REALLY listening. You could tell. We walked out of our lesson and the member that was with us, Valerie (she is 20 and going on her mission soon!) said she almost started crying during the lesson it was so powerful! She said next time we teach him we need to bring her again. 🙂 Jose said he would pray and ask if it was true. For some people it is really hard to get them to understand that that is actually what they are praying for (they say: well yes I pray every day! But we are asking them to follow Moroni 10:3-5). But he understood the simplicity of Moroni’s promise. It was so amazing.
        Hermana Romero and I are also teaching another woman named Sylvia Romero. She is also a former investigator. She is SO SWEET, one lesson we walked out of with a huge bagful of brownies, 2 mangoes, and biscotti cookies (people give you SO MUCH STUFF when you are a missionary, it’s crazy!). Sylvia has been dropped as an investigator before because she knows the gospel is true, but won’t go against her husband because he is Catholic. She says she doesn’t want to confuse her kids (I have actually heard this a lot). BUT! Hna Romero’s mom got baptized when she was 5, and she and her brothers (she has 2 younger) got baptized when Hna Romero was 13 and got to grow up in the Church as a result. Her dad is still not a member. So we were thinking that might be the perfect example for Sylvia to hear. Hna Romero was never confused, and think where she would be if her mom had not joined the church. So we are going to share that with her this week and see how it goes.
          Hna Romero and I focused this week on FINDING PEOPLE! We read Chapter 9 in Preach My Gospel and decided, that’s what we need. And you know what…….. we found a ton of people. Like 10 in 2 days that were really nice and WANT us to come back! It was so cool. That doesn’t usually happen. Heavenly Father definitely led us to those people, and we were really happy. We kept finding them and then saying, wow, that was really cool! Oh wow, they were really awesome people! Oh wow!!!! …etc. etc. So we are happy we are going to be able to teach some new people.
        I also bought some CD’s from Mexico at Honorio’s yard sale. Haha! Too bad I can’t listen to them til after my mission…. Also, Fluvio should be coming back soon! We aren’t sure about the date, but people in the ward have been asking about him and he is supposed to be coming back from Mexico at the end of January. I might not be here, (we have transfers next week, I am fairly sure I am leaving) but if he gets baptized I can come back for his baptism! That would be really amazing. Also, my taste buds have been changing…. I find myself wanting to put lime, salt, and chili and/or tajin on everything. I blame having a Mexicana companion.

          Ok love you all so much! Also because of transfers our next pday is Tuesday, not Monday. COLIN I CANT WAIT TO HEAR YOUR MISSION CALL!!!!!!!! I bet it comes this week!!!!!! Is is going to your dorm or to the house? Oh my gosh I can hardly stand the suspense I don’t want to wait until next Monday……. I guess somewhere in Asia. That’s what I’ve always thought. Cambodia. Ha we will see! I am so excited. LOVE YOU,

con amor,
Hna Audrey


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