Letter 24

Letter 24

Buenas tardes πŸ™‚
Oh wow I cannot believe it is already January 7th! Holy cow! Time is really flying. This week went by really fast, we already have transfers again in 2 weeks. My time here in Tracy is running out, I can feel it. I will be really sad to go if I get transferred in 2 weeks, and I’ll especially be sad to leave Hna Romero!!!!! Well this week we found a MIRACLE, his name is Jose Salvatierra from Nicaragua. Well actually this started last week. We were looking through the drop records and found him, and read the only reason the Elders stopped going by was because they couldn’t ever find him at home. We both felt really good about going to see him, but alas we couldn’t find him at home. Haha. So we left him a note on his door with our numbers, telling him to call us if he was interested. And you know what? HE CALLED US! ….That never happens. It was awesome. Not only that, but he told us he wanted to come to Church this week! We were like… OKAY! Bring your whole family! He is 2x divorced and told us he is looking for something. Well, we have it. So we had a lesson with him last week that went really well, the Spirit was really strong. We asked him why he decided to call us and he told us, I just want to know what you have, why you give up your time to go teach people about the gospel, I think it’s really beautiful. Then, he almost started crying! Jose is a guy’s guy, tall and buff, and in his 40’s so we were surprised, but the Spirit was just there. So last week he came to church and really loved it. Jose said he wants to bring his kids to church and teach them more about God, something he hasn’t been doing. Our last lesson with him we talked about the BOM, read the promise in Moroni 10 and the Intro, and he said: People say Joseph Smith is the God of your church (he has an LDS friend in Utah so he knows a little), but I can see that’s not true. He didn’t write this book, prophets in Ancient America did. And why wouldn’t there be prophets on this continent if God loves all his children? We were like, YEAH WE KNOW! It was so amazing. Then… I asked him to be baptized. Jose said he wants more time to learn, but if he knows its true than YES. So cool. He understands it. Heavenly Father placed another miracle in our paths, I’m really thankful. We will see how it all plays out, but every time we go to his house I think, wow, he is ready.

What else happened. OH! We went to see that pentecostal family, Jose and Gabriella. Haha it was crazy! They started by playing this crazy “praise Jesus” music and singing, and Gabriella was standing there (by herself, this was in a trailer home…haha) dancing with her tambourine. Oh my gosh. Needless to say, they wanted to bible bash after we started talking about the BOM, saying there is no more than the Bible (seriously why do so many people want to Bible bash? It’s happened so many times to me). So we just bore our testimonies that we know its true, the BOM is the word of God, and that we weren’t going to argue about scriptures in the Bible against them. It was definitely a lot different from the first time we met with them.. But I did find out some of their beliefs which were interesting. The reason churches like that shake and speak gibberish during their church meetings is because that is how they feel the “spirit”.. Gabriella said that the gibberish they speak is really the “language of angels” or the “gift of tongues”, so that God can understand their prayer but Satan can’t. Apparently Satan can understand any language, but by speaking in gibberish/”the gift of tongues”/”the angelic language” only God and the holy spirit can hear them. We were talking about it with Brother Gomez after, a member who went to a pentecostal church one time, and he was like well no KIDDING Satan won’t hear you! Haha it was really funny. Then, Gabby started crying. “You don’t know how I feel! I feel the SPIRIT OF GOD!!!!!!!!!!” We were like… okay. Yeah we have definitely never felt that before… Haha. Hna Romero and I quote that a lot now. Needless to say… we dropped them. Haha.

One other thing I have noticed this week. Being a missionary is the most AWESOME. THING. EVER. I love it. Well I already knew that before. But! Lately I have just felt this strength to be able to do whatever Heavenly Father asks me to do. Go up and talk to that random person? Sure. Knock on doors? No problem. Love knocking on doors? Yep. Because it’s always an adventure. You never know who you are going to find. Someone who might be crazy (the most fun people to talk to!). Someone who might reject you (you are never going to see them again, so who cares?) Someone who might be ready to hear the gospel. (The BEST people to talk to πŸ™‚ ). I am working on loving every day being a missionary because TIME IS SHORT HERE! I can’t believe how fast it goes.

Honorio got the Priesthood Sunday! YAHOO!!!!! So. happy.

COLIN TELL ME ABOUT BYU!!!!!!!!!!? Do you love it? How are your classes? I am writing you a letter today but I don’t know your address, can you send it to me? Abs, I sent you a letter last week so I hope you got it. Elle, I am writing you today too. πŸ™‚ Also, could someone find out the addresses of: Maddy Rupard (I read Devan’s email, she is going to Hungary for her mission!!!!!!!!!!), Reuben, and Jon Ward? I’m not sure if any of them read my emails but I want to write them. Also Kelly thanks for your email! I just read the 4th missionary over again (I might have already said that) SO GOOD!

OK love you all so much and have an awesome week!

con amor,


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