Letter 21

Date: December 10, 2012
Area: Tracy, California
Companion: Hermana/Sister Romero

 Buenos Dias!

     Hello family! This week was awesome! First off, we got our transfer calls last night and I am STAYING and my companion will be Hermana Romero…. who I am already friends with!!!! She is one of the sisters in Tracy West right now so I have already been serving with her for 2 transfers. I am EXCITED! She is so awesome, always joking around and playing pranks on people. She is from Mexico City so she will help me with Spanish and I will help her with English, although she studied English before her mission so she already speaks well. It’s going to be great! Hermana Randall is going up to East Sacramento, where she says she always knew she would end her mission. Haha.   

           Image SO Honorio got baptized on Sunday! Oh my gosh I have never been to such a beautiful baptismal service…. HE is an amazing example of someone who was changed through and through by the gospel. He not only understands it, but it has become the most precious thing to him. AH! I wish I could convey the emotion that was there. It was just beautiful, the Spirit was so strong. He got up to bear his testimony after, and he just started crying. And then everyone else did too! I turned around and the Relief Society president was just crying and everyone else had tears in their eyes. Honorio bore his testimony about how he had always prayed to God to know about his ancestors and where all the ruins in
Mexico came from, and he felt like God had never answered him until He sent 2 angels to him with the Book of Mormon. And now he knows about how Christ came to visit his ancestors in ancient America. (That is the powerful part of teaching Hispanics, you can tell them it’s their ancestors! Haha). He was SO happy. So humble and faithful. After the
baptism he gave us huge hugs (NOT allowed, but we couldn’t avoid it…. it was a tight grip…) and cried on my shoulder and Hermana Randall’s shoulder. He said, Hermanas, you have no idea how much this has changed my life. No idea. It was amazing. Gosh he understands the gospel better than I do! Yesterday Honorio called us to set up our appointment and he said, Hermanas I couldn’t sleep last night, I was so happy and praying
all night. He said he had been praying and thanking Heavenly Father all night, he had so much joy. Oh! I forgot to mention… he is already part way through the Doctrine and Covenants and Pearl of Great Price. Before his baptism, we went to go teach him about the articles of faith. We were on the 11th, and he said, Oh yeah I was actually studying these
last night! We were like, um, why didn’t you tell us that before?! And then we all started laughing because, well, we were teaching him something he already knew!!!!!! Which is like everything else we teach him I feel. Haha. I feel so blessed to have been a small part in his
conversion story. It has been so incredible to watch and take part in. GAH! I will attach some pictures. He is radiant.    
       Some other funny things that happened this week: Alma and Roman, the family we are teaching, are progressing really well! We called them a few times this week for church and to invite them to the baptism. Roman (the husband) has started calling me White. Hello, White. I called him to invite him to the baptism and he said, is this White? And I said, si,
soy yo, or yes, its me. Hahaha. I don’t know why but it’s just really funny. We also started teaching a man named Juan Carlos and his roommate named Jose Garcia. Juan is quiet, humble, ready to learn, and Jose is, well…a bromista. I don’t know if there are a lot of hispanic men who are bromistas or if I just keep running into them. I’ll have to ask some
friends who served in central/south America. We are still teaching Fidel and Adalena! It’s been a little difficult to find him because he’s been having some medical issues, but he came to church last week! So we were happy about that. Things are going well. Oh! Really quick miracle! This week one of our former investigators CALLED US! That never
happens. We had to stop teaching Valerio a month or so ago because he was working in the fields and we could never find him. BUT! He called us last week and said, well I’ve been reading the Book of Mormon and I know it’s the word of God. We said OKAY we will be over to teach you tomorrow! So he is progressing now. We are happy about that! Ok that’s a
lot about this week, hope you all enjoy.
      Thanks for the email Mom and Dad! I haven’t gotten the letters from Abs and Elle yet, maybe today I will. Sister Wilson, thank you so much for the email and 12 Days of Christmas! My companion and I will enjoy it. 🙂 Hope everyone is doing well! COLIN good luck with your talk! Be sure to write me and tell me how it went. OH! I forgot I also gave a
talk this week! About…missionary work! Haha. Hugo Levy from our ward is leaving for the Fort Lauderdale Florida Spanish speaking mission, so Bishop Levy asked me to speak. It was fun to talk about missionary work as a missionary. That should be all for now, I think. Love you all!!!!!
Hermana Aud



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