Letter 20

Letter 20

Date: December 03, 2012
Area: Tracy, California
Companion: Hermana/Sister Randall

This week was awesome and amazing! So I am going to
type fast but I am on a different computer so it’s a little different.
This week was all about FAITH, at least for me. Honorio told us a story
last week that touched our hearts. We were at his house in a lesson, and
he told us that the weekend before he prayed and told God, I want to go
to church every Sunday from now on. Honorio only sells things outside
of his house for a living, and makes the most money on the weekends, aka
Saturday and Sunday. BUT! He said I will stop selling things on Sunday
because that is more important to go to Church. He didn’t have enough
money to pay rent that week. He needed $600. So he said that prayer and
Saturday he sold $800 worth of things… exactly enough money to pay
rent, tithing, and gas money for friends that take him around. Yeah. He
is incredible and SO I said okay I am going to have faith like Honorio.
And it worked! (the story below… haha)
in the car
On Friday we had this AWESOME Multi-Cultural Spanish mission-wide
activity that was about the Book of Mormon. A local LDS artist from
Argentina set up an art gallery with his paintings of different scenes
of the BOM, and they were awesome! There was food from all different
Hispanic countries (Mom I met a family from Brazil!) and professional
folk dancing…. it was really cool. Well done and a huge success! About
300+people came from all over the mission. (And made me want to visit
Central/South America!!!!!!!!! …I just don’t know which country…
haha). Well of course Honorio really wanted to go but had absolutely no
way to get there…none of our members were going (it was far north in
Sacramento, 2ish hours away from Tracy), none of the Spanish speaking
members in the English wards could go, seriously no one could take him
or one of our awesome recent convert members named Leilani. We called
about 50 people. I was like Honorio NEEDS to come to this activity, it’s
perfect for him! But we didn’t find anyone. It was Friday afternoon and
we had to leave early to set up and meet with the other missionaries.
We were so sad, we still hadn’t found a ride for Honorio. But I was like
NO! Someone is going to bring him. I have no idea who. Someone will, he
has to be here. I have faith!!!!! Hermana Landon called Elder and
Sister Neilson (mission nurse) and they happened to be in Stockton. She
asked if they would possibly pick them both up. They said YES and holy
cow it was a miracle! This was at 4pm. Honorio (and Leilani) got to
come. It was amazing, a blessing for everyone. I was like thank you,
Heavenly Father for letting them be here. It was so fun! I will sent
pictures next week. (Theres no spot for my memory card in this computer,
sorry!) Honorio was so happy, he even got to meet President and Sister
Lewis there. We translated for them…. he wanted us to tell them “Thank
you for sending 2 angels to my home.” That is definitely a Hispanic
thing to say, President and Sister Lewis laughed and said well yes when
they have the truth they are like angels. It got awkward translating at
that point… haha. But it touched Honorio. AH it was just so awesome
and made my whole week.

We also had a zone conference this week with Elder and Sister Porter
of the 70. They both gave really incredible talks and I actually got
randomly chosen of 5 missionaries there to be interviewed by him! It was
really neat. They raised their family on the east coast (yay! I told
them I was from Ma), and their daughter is actually at Harvard buisness
school.. I said wow that is really cool. It was really spiritually
uplifting and fun! I said the closing prayer but forgot to bless the
food (they didn’t ask! haha) so I had to say 2 closing prayers in front
of everyone! Slightly embarrassing, but oh well. Haha. That was on
Thursday. We had a good week.

Well that is it for the highlights. Honorio is going to be baptized
next Sunday!!!!!! He wanted to be baptized as soon as could, so we said
okay after your 3rd time to church let’s do it. The gospel is amazing.
We are also working with Leilani’s aunt and uncle, they are a really
neat family who are interested in studying the BOM together. We said
that’s perfect! Best way to study, actually. Her aunt Alma told us she
likes the spirit she feels when we are there, so that was really cool!
We explained that she can feel that on her own too, by reading and
praying. Oh, and coming to church of course. We like to call that CPR:
church, pray, read. So we are working with really amazing people! I feel

Love you all so much! Les quiero! Les extrano mucho. Have a great week!

Hermama Aud

ps. Grandma and Grandpa, thank you so much for the letters! I loved them


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