Letter 17

Date: November 12, 2012
Area: Tracy, California
Companion: Hermana/Sister Randall

Buenas tardes!
    Hola familia. Como estan? I wish I could do one of
those upside down question marks on the question. Oh well! This week
was AWESOME! We are teaching lots of people! It’s amazing and I feel
really blessed. Tonight we are having a Noche de Hogar aka Family Home
Evening with one of our part member families, The Infante family! Maria
is the 14 year old girl that got baptized last transfer that I’ve talked
about. So she and her mom are members and we are trying to sneakily
start to teach her dad. We hope he comes to church and we are going to
commit them to have NdH every week. One of the reasons Hermano Infante
let his daughter get baptized was because he saw that change in her and
knew it was good. So we are going to say: YOU can have that change too!
And it will be incredible. So that is the plan, we will see how it goes.
       We are still teaching the bromista Fidel, and his wife (who is a
member) Adalena. They are hilarious. He has one tie (for church) and
Adalena said “oh well it’s dusty” and pulled it out of the closet. He
didn’t know how to tie a tie so Hna Randall tied it for him (on herself)
and then handed it over to him. And then Adalena said “Oh no! that’s
not how it goes! Let me do it.” (slapping him…. lovingly…) Twas too
funny. I’ll attach a photo of them so you can see. Our investigator
Fluvio left for Mexico today, it was really sad. We said goodbye to him
at church yesterday. He decided that God is giving him time to prepare
for baptism while he is in Mexico, so we made him a study calender of
scriptures from the Book of Mormon and the Bible. So he will study and
prepare himself for baptism (even though we/everyone in the ward REALLY
wanted to have him baptized before he left, because he already knows
it’s true). So he told us “When I get back from Mexico in February YOU
will be the first Hermanas I call! You have to be at my baptism.” So
that will be a few months away but we are excited. Hna Randall and I are
a little nervous something will happen (not coming back from Mexico,
not being able to get in touch with the missionaries there, not being
able to study the scriptures by himself because he is a little slow) BUT
we have FAITH and we know Fluvio knows this is the true Gospel of Jesus
Christ. So that’s all that matters. (There should be a picture of him
attached too).
       Well in other news, I AM SO EXCITED FOR CHRISTMAS! It’s funny
because I always love Christmas (like a normal person) but this year I
am STOKED (like a crazy person….I hope I’m not driving the other
missionaries crazy…haha). I don’t know what it is but I am just really
excited for Christmas and to be teaching people about Christ at this
time of the year. It’s special. The Smith’s are already decorating their
home and if Hna Randall and I are still here (it is very likely we will
both be here next transfer just because of logistics…we are praying
to stay together!) we are invited to a Swedish Christmas! How cool is
that. Sister Smith’s ancestry is from Sweden and she speaks Swedish, so I
am really excited. Hna Randall and I have plans to make homemade
chocolate the first pday in December. (She knows how, I don’t. Haha).
Also, it’s getting COLD! Everyone told me how hot Sacramento would be
and how nice it is year round but at 8:30pm when you are knocking on
doors it gets cold! And even during the days now, it’s been in the 40’s
and low 50’s. Not cold like Ma or Ut obviously, but still chilly
especially when you are out in it all the time. It’s okay though! I love
fall so it’s actually perfect weather for me.
        The work is going really well and we are so happy with everything. I
love being out here and just talking to people and teaching them, it’s
incredible. I feel incredibly blessed every day. I hope all is well at
home and have a great week! I love you all! Les quiero mucho.

Con amor,
Hermana Aud



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