Letter 15

Buenas Tardes!
I wanted to share some more photos of recent adventures, so there should be 2 photos attached in this email and 2 in one to come (ldsmail only allows for 2 attachments per email I have found). 2 of them are Hermana Randall and I eating at an outdoor AUTHENTIC Mexican restaurant (they don’t have these in Massachusetts!) with a member family and one is from Maria Infante’s baptism last Saturday. One is from this morning from outside the Sacramento TEMPLE where we got to go! Because it is transfer Tuesday Pday as they call it, so we had the opportunity to go. (We can go 4 times a year, including one time at Christmas with the whole mission (I imagine not all in one session, haha).

        We are finding new people and teaching like crazy! Yesterday we taught 3 first lessons (the Restoration of the Gospel of Jesus Christ) and it was amazing, all of them went really well! We hadn’t taught L1 in a while so I was getting antsy to teach it actually, and then 3 hours in a row we got to teach. I am thankful for the ways in which the Lord blesses our lives. And He blesses them IMMENSELY. One of our investigators (Maria Mejia) told us: “Where God closes one door, He opens two more.” Simple but we needed to hear that because we have had a few doors close on us this week. 3 of our firm investigators (investigators with a baptismal date) backed out and we were CRUSHED. One of them is Fluvio and he just wants to wait until February to get baptized even though he already knows its true! That is too long! Preach My Gospel says when you receive a witness of the truth you need to ACT on it or you will lose it, and Hermana Randall said she has experienced this many times on her mission. (Where people receive a witness that the gospel is true and then are not baptized and lose that witness). So it is GO time! And Fluvio is leaving for Mexico in 3 weeks and won’t come back until February (the reason why he wants to get baptized then) so he might lose that witness. The bishop interviewed him Sunday and told us that he definitely needs to be baptized in the next 2 weeks so he can go to Mexico as a recent convert and be taught by missionaries there. He is from the state of Nayarit and there are only 2 church buildings there… that’s like having 2 church buildings in the state of Florida (or so I’ve been told). So he needs that gift of the Holy Ghost. Pray for miracles for us!!!! The work is moving forward and I feel like more and more I wake up with the desire to serve and love the people we are teaching. We are teaching some amazing people right now and I could not feel more blessed. I need to end because I don’t have a full hour today (because of the temple this morning) BUT I love you all! I pray for loved ones back home everyday. Thank you for your support ALWAYS, it means everything to me.

Les quiero.
Con amor,
Hermana White/Aud


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