Letter 14 – Discipleship of Jesus Christ

Date: October 23, 2012
Area: Tracy, California
Companion: Hermana/Sister Randall

Familia y amigos!

This week has been the best of the best and the worst. There is such a range of emotions on a mission I am not used to it! Haha. But overall it was GREAT and we had

lots of miracles. MUCHOS MILAGROS! It was incredible. I think one of the most important things I am learning on a mission is how to be a true disciple of Jesus Christ and what that really means. I have been reading “The Fellowship of the Unashamed” by Henry B. Eyring and wow it is so powerful. I feel like a mission is a (small, small) taste of what it would be like to be a disciple of Jesus Christ when He lived on the earth. It is INCREDIBLE. The most rewarding thing I have ever done in my life. And the beauty of it all? It does not have to end when I leave my full time mission. I think what is really important is giving your ALL
to Christ and to His gospel, and being here I have finally learned/am still learning what that means. It takes hard work. Our gospel is not a cloak of comfort, it is a robe of esponsibility as President Monson has said. But with that responsibility comes the most amazing  blessings you could ever imagine of hope for. I can understand now why people gush
about their missions when you ask them if they loved it. Because it is true that when you are a disciple of Jesus Christ and represent Him you are empowered and able to do things beyond your own ability. It is incredible and I have been blessed to experience it in my mission thus far. I am also learning what it means to love people with a Christlike
love, a TRUE and REAL Christlike love. That is a word that we use in the Church of Jesus Christ but that I never truly knew or understood what it meant until now. Gah it is just so amazing and it is difficult to describe with words. You feel like you are going to just explode or implode (haha) with love for these people that you are trying so desperately to share the gospel with. You want to bring them into the fold and taste just for a minute what Jesus Christ feels when He calls everyone back to the fold. You feel the joy of when they return and the sorrow of when they stray into the fields. And I am so thankful that
Heavenly Father has allowed me to take part in this work.
      This week we had a HUGE blessing…. Marco Fluvio is going to get baptized!!!!!!!!! Oh my goodness it has been a blessing to teach him, I have no doubt that Heavenly Father prepared him. I have never seen anyone so prepared to receive the gospel. So we went into our lesson with him Wednesday wanting to commit him to baptism and the bishop came with us. We wanted to commit him to Oct 27th (people need specific dates!! This is something important I have learned) and the BISHOP said, Fluvio, you are ready and you could be baptized tonight. We hadn’t said anything to the bishop about committing him to baptism! It was the spirit! And he accepted!!!!! We are actually planning it for him
Nov 3 but oh my gosh he is incredible. He is one of the reasons I came on my mission, I already know it. Gah! He has a few things in his life (brother has cancer, all of his money he makes goes to his mother in Mexico, he does not have a family) that the gospel will just help. Fluvio is someone where the gospel just fit him perfectly at this time in his life, and even though he is a little slow he wants to learn more than anyone I have ever seen. We only give him about 3-4 versus from the Book of Mormon to read because that is all he is capable of reading but every time we see him he hands us his book for another assignment. Hungry to learn. He is a miracle and Hermana Randall and I feel SO
blessed to be able to teach him.
      Maria Infante was baptized this week! It was amazing! I will send a photo of the baptism next week because I am running out of
time, but she was so happy. And so were we. 🙂 Maria definitely has the
14 year old girl attitude and does not warm up to people easily, but it was amazing to watch the gospel light up that spirit within her and she
was finally able to feel the spirit (which was difficult for her when I first got here). 2 of the young women in the ward gave the talks at her
baptism and I think she really loved that. Maria already started personal progress! I am just so excited for her. I need to go but I wish
I could write more!!!! Things are going really well, even when they’re difficult. I know that with the Lord nothing is impossible! Nothing. I feel so blessed to have seen and experienced these things in my mission. Les quiero muchisimo! I love you all and have a great week! Oh and I haven’t gotten the letters yet from this week family BUT I think they should come in the mail today.:) con amor,
Hermana White/Aud.

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