Letter 13


Letter 13

Date: October 17, 2012
Area: Tracy, California
Companion: Hermana/Sister Randall

 ​Buenos dias familia y amigos!
Image     This week has been really great and I can’t believe I’ve already been here as long as I have… the weeks are starting to fly by! This week we were getting our investigator Maria Infante ready for her baptism on Saturday. We are so excited!!!! And she is progressing very well. We have our hands full besides that… we have lots of progressing investigators and Hermana Randall and I constantly say we don’t even feel deserving of having the blessing of teaching so many people. They are just so ready!!!! We found a few families this week that we added as investigators and we are really excited about them. We had 6 investigators come to church…… AHH! That is a LOT of investigators because for anyone who has served you know how hard it is to get people to come to church. Normally we don’t have that many. We were SO happy and flying high the rest of the day. 2 Of them were these really sweet girls we are teaching named Elizabeth (12) and Natalie (10) and they really loved it. Their dad is Filipino and a huge hippie (it’s really funny) but also a very strong Christian, so he really encourages them to learn and likes that we are teaching them. They read the BOM more than we commit them to! It’s amazing how some people just soak it up and have been prepared. And they are so young! Also our “miracle family” came to church, Maria Mejia and Marco Fluvio (her neighbor). And they loved it. Ah I am just so excited for all of them! They are so amazing and so willing to learn. Needless to say Hna Randall and I are living it up here in Tracy. And by living it up, I mean teaching the Gospel to everyone who will listen. 🙂   

       Ok Mom I just attached some photos (and spent a lot of time trying to figure out how, haha) SO I am going to try and answer all of your questions. 🙂 The name of the family we live with is the Smith family. They are amazing, Hna Randall and I love them. Sister Smith does a lot of genealogy (like you Mom!) and it’s inspiring. They’re a really neat family, and President Smith is in the Stake Presidency. That would be great if you sent them a note, they would love it. We do not have a private kitchen BUT we have free access to anything and everything in the Smith’s kitchen (another reason why I LOVE living with members! haha). They are extremely generous and have told us many times to take whatever we like. My companion and I share a bedroom, in the handbook it actually says you have to. My bedding is actually still in my suitcase because we use the Smith’s bedding, it was pre-made when I got here! So kind. I imagine I’ll need the bedding for when I live in an apartment though. I really love our neighborhood, I think I attached a photo of our front view. Hna Randall and I go running every other morning and it’s really pretty… lots of trees! And you know how I feel about that. I do love Hna Randall!!! We will most definitely be friends after the mission, we get along really well and talk about everything (sometimes too much… haha). Our money works by a debit card, and we get an allotted amount each month to buy groceries/food/personal hygiene needs. I am not in need of anything right now, but I will always let you know if I do. 🙂 Thanks Mama/family for always being here for me even on my mission. We have permission to use the Smith’s computer on pdays, even though normally missionaries aren’t supposed to use member’s computers. (Just because we live with them they let us use it). From now on I’ll try to send photos every week! Sorry I haven’t been. I want to give you highlights, I usually just write too much and then run out of time, haha. BUT! I will start doing that first. Usually every week we have a dinner appointment every night… the members are so AMAZINImageG. So kind. Hna Randall says in other areas they don’t feed you as much but honestly I am fine either way, I love eating Mexican/Salvadorian/Peruvian food with the members but don’t mind eating on our own either. Yes I am feeling healthy. 🙂 Extremely tired, but Hna Randall and I rest enough so I am fine. I do take vitamins, one of the other sisters left a HUGE bottle of CVS women’s multivitamins so I take that everyday. Not sure when our next zone or mission conference is, I’ll let you know when I find out. I’ll try to get a photo of our district soon, we have an awesome district and zone! Lots of unity going on here. Not everyone is Spanish, we are all a mix of Spanish and English missionaries. Our district leader/his companion are Spanish though and the other sisters in our district are Spanish as well. The transfer day in our mission is Wednesday.
     Hopefully that answered all of your questions! Honestly I feel blessed beyond all measure and our work is going really well. I promise I will be honest and tell about the things that are difficult when they come, but right now it is smooth sailing. I love this area! It really is perfect, Hna Randall and I do not want to leave. Good thing we have at least 1 more transfer together! If not more.
    For the pictures:
1. Marco Fluvio! This is a perfect picture of him. Every time we go over to teach he hands us his Libro de Mormon and asks for a reading assignment. He can only read a few versus at a time, because he is a little slow. He is so sweet &we love teaching him.
2. Hermana Randall and I with Maria Mejia! She was braiding Hna Randall’s hair and showing me how to do it. I didn’t want to tell her I already knew how to braid so I just pretended to learn with her. Haha! She is so sweet, and so readily able to feel the spirit.
3. View from the front of our house. I know, we are extremely spoiled.

 4. Hermana Randall and I after our language conference a few weeks ago. Which was awesome!
5-6. Hermana Randall and I with fresh strawberries after the language conference.

     Well hope you enjoy the photos. I am out of time! But I love you all and pray for you every day. Thank you for your prayers as well, I can feel the effects of them. I feel incredibly blessed to be serving here at this time and am meeting people that I feel like I have known my whole life, it’s amazing. I love serving! I can’t really express how I feel about it but ah pues esta bien. I love you all! Thanks for your letters Mom &Dad! Sibblings… write me too!

Les queremos muchisimo.
Con amor, Hermana White/Aud

Oh Ps! We added an investigator family last night and the wife’s name is Jacqueline! Spelled that way! I told her my mom had the same name. It made me happy



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