Letter 12

Date: October 08, 2012
Area: Tracy, California
Companion: Hermana/Sister RandallImage

Hola familia & amigos!
     Holy cow so much has happened this week I can’t even begin to describe! Such a range of emotions and we got to watch Conference!!!!!!!! THE AGE FOR MISSIONARIES HAS CHANGED. HOW INCREDIBLE! I can’t even begin to describe how I feel about this, it is SUCH a blessing and I immediately began thinking about all of the people who could start serving (Colin??? although it is a little too late to
reap the full benefit you technically could start your papers. Let me know what is going on with that!) and just wow!!!!! Abigail and Ellery, you will get the full benefit of being able to serve younger than me! Oh
my gosh my jaw absolutely dropped when I found out, and I was so happy. Of course I had a selfish feeling of jealousy, and I had to get over that feeling because it is just incredible that it changed at all. Also I
got to do other things that got me to this point in my life and have been blessed beyond all measure so I really cannot feel selfish. But AHH I know that President Monson is truly the prophet and this is divine
revelation. It is truly a miracle and so many more young people, especially WOMEN, will be able to serve because of this. Gah! We have a Prophet! And he just revealed something from the Lord that is going to
change the eternal destiny of many, MANY people. It is going to be
amazing and I cannot wait to see what happens.
     Well this week I definitely felt the highest of highs and the lowest of lows, which range of emotion a mission is bound to bring. I’ll first tell about the lowest of lows so I can end on an uplifting note. Well
Hermana Randall and I were teaching a part member family, the Avalos (the family that I said had the home out of a Spanish soap opera). The wife, Hortencia, is Catholic and he is a baptized member of our church but he (in his own words) is flaky so he is less active. They are an amazing family though and we have become good friends with them. Every time we go over it was kind of a conflict though because it was a mix between a RCLA (recent convert less active) lesson and a progressing investigator lesson, which lessons should be different. Brother Avalos is really interested in deep doctrine and so sometimes we got tangent-ed with that but always tried to stick to basic doctrine. Well we went into our lesson with Hortencia wanting her to pick a baptismal date because she is progressing, but she told us there are things she does not like about our church and she is extremely content being Catholic. It was awful and heartbreaking, I’ve never felt so low in my life. Just because she has been exposed to the gospel so much and she KNOWS that it is good, but there are little stumbling blocks along the way for her. Such as: she thought the BOM was about Joseph Smith so she does not like reading it, only the bible. She thinks that anyone should be able to go into the temple, not just (worthy) members of the church. She has been
offended at church before, etc etc. GAH! Hortencia is simply content with her life and does not feel like she needs more, and what can you say to someone like that? We just invited, challenged, and testified to
her that we know this is true. Hna Randall bore her testimony and cried during it, and so did Hortencia. It was powerful. BUT STILL! She says she does not want to change. We cannot force it on her though and to
watch her reject the most precious thing to me is HORRIBLE. Rejection is hard not because I care about myself but because of what I now represent, the Savior Jesus Christ. It was really hard to live through. I
know many people will reject it, but she had just been exposed to so much and we know she has been touched by the spirit before which made it worse. So we are going to see her this week and see if she watched conference, and we are praying for a miracle with her.
     Now on to our MIRACLE that happened this week! Because it is truly a miracle. One night we were weekly planning and got a call from Hermano Bills, a high counselor in the Spanish ward we are in. He said there is a woman who wants to meet with us. Her son went to Mexico and never came back and she just feels that despair that comes from losing a child but does not actually know what happened to her son. Maria Mejia is married and has a 14 year old daughter who is looking for a church as well. So
we went to teach and OH MY GOSH they are so ready for the gospel. They invited 3 neighbors over to listen and one of the neighbors, Marco Fluvio, came to conference!!!!!! Ah just so incredible… Maria and
Marco have already accepted the baptismal invite and on the first lesson too! Okay I am getting ahead of myself. Haha. So we went to go teach them the next night and holy cow I have never felt the spirit so
strongly, we just taught a first lesson (Restoration &Jospeh Smith) and they all soaked it up like sponges. Spirit to spirit. Incredible. I got to say the first vision and those words have POWER I tell you. We invited them all to be baptized! The daughter is reading the BOM and has that sincere desire to know if it is true (THE most important thing… sincere desire to know if it is true) so I am not worried about her. Hna
Randall and I walked out of that lesson feeling on top of the world, because the spirit was so strong and I walked out of there knowing that we had brought the truth to people who were ready to listen. I felt so
blessed and undeserving, we didn’t even work to find those people… they found us. We had dinner with Hermana Ortega (a woman in the ward) and she said Hno Bills told her about Maria Mejia and her heart broke, so she started praying for this woman even though Hna Ortega had never met her. She does not even KNOW Maria Mejia. We just happened to bring up this story at dinner with Hna Ortega and she said Ah! My prayers were answered! This woman I didn’t even know found the gospel. WHAT. The
Lord truly knows how to orchestrate things, it’s incredible. So we are teaching that family and we refer to them as our “miracle family”.  Image
      SO I am experiencing the ups and downs of a mission, but it is always worth it. Every second. I love being here and being a representative of Jesus Christ, it is truly amazing. I love these PEOPLE. The members, investigators and everyone else, I just love them all. And I love and miss you all! Sister Vasicek, thank you for the letter! And Grandma and Grandpa too! Thank you all for supporting me. Les quiero muchisimo!
Con amor,
Hermana White/Aud

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