Letter 11 – Miracles are happening!

Date: October 01, 2012
Area: Tracy, California
Companion: Hermana/Sister Randall

​Hello family!
    I am so excited to write you this week! There are so many good things happening and we are so busy! We are actually so busy we don’t have time to finish our weekly or daily planning (or studies…..) which actually isn’t good but there are just so many people we need to teach here and people who want to hear the gospel we are running around all the time. And I absolutely love it. Hna Randall said to enjoy it because usually the work is not this busy, and when it slows down the rest of my mission will seem easy. But I don’t want it to slow down! We are actually short on time today because we had lots to do and actually taught during some of our pday hours SO I am sorry this will probably be shorter than usual. I will just tell you a little about some of the people we are teaching (I don’t think I can write about all of them! But I will try).
     So we have a 14 year old girl named Maria Infante with a BAPTISMAL DATE! October 20th!!!!!!!!!!! I am so excited for her! Her mom is a member but she has been hesitant to get baptized for a while even though she has been going to church with her mom for a few months. I am still not sure why she was hesitant but she finally said yes to our baptismal invitation and we asked her a few days later for a date. So she is getting baptized then, I am really so happy for her. And it is great because she already has a lot of friends in the young women’s program and is starting personal progress. Ah the gospel is amazing! We had to push her to say daily prayers and read the scriptures because she kept forgetting and to be honest didn’t say her prayers very sincerely. BUT we had a few lessons with her on prayer and I think she understood a little bit better, so she is getting there. She will be ready in a few weeks. WOHOOO!
     We are teaching a part member family names the Avaldo family. The husband is a less active member and so we are teaching the lessons to Ortencia, the wife. She is hilarious, like something you would see out of a Hispanic soap opera, with the dyed blonde hair and everything. Angel statues and pictures all over the house. And I absolutely LOVE them. She is definitely ready for baptism. Ortencia actually wants to be baptized, she just needs to come to church (you have to come 3 times before baptism in our mission) and really follow up on her commitments. But she is progressing and I am excited for her.
     Oh a little interjection in here. I LOVE extending the baptismal invitation, there is such POWER in those words. Also the first vision. Oh my goodness it always brings the spirit so strongly. It’s funny though because whenever we start to say it something happens and Satan tries to interrupt the spirit, but he STILL CANT. For example we were teaching a lesson outside to a family (Esperanza is the one we are teaching but there are like 3 families living in this house) and I started to recite the first vision and I heard the ice cream truck coming down the street. It stayed parked RIGHT OUTSIDE the house as I was in the middle of it (so I had to yell it, hahaha) and left as soon as I was done. It was the craziest thing. But Esperanza was still touched by the spirit and she also has a baptismal date, she just also needs to come to church 2 more times. Gah! It is so hard to get people to come to church!!!! They want to but seem to find excuses. So Sunday mornings Hna Randall and I run around rallying everyone up and calling and getting rides and such. We invited 11 investigators to church but only 2 came, including Maria. Who always comes. Haha. Valerio was the other one and even though he left a little early I think he still liked it. He is really curious about el libro de mormon and sometimes will start reading it in the middle of a lesson. Its SO COOL. So yes it is not hard to find people to teach, only to find people to come to church. Ha. But they will get there! Necesitamos tener mas fe!!!!
     I absolutely love these people, I feel so blessed to serve them. Gah they are just so receptive to the spirit! It’s amazing. Getting people to act on that is definitely going to be the most difficult part of working with this culture, at least from what I can tell thus far and based on stories from Hna Randall. But I’m so thankful they let us into their homes and let us teach them, its incredible. And the members here are just so amazing!!!! They look for ways to serve us and they will drop things so they can come to lessons with us its just like WOW. I love it.
     Thank you for sending my camera charger mom! I really appreciate it. I haven’t heard too much about whats going on at home so I hope everyone is doing well! I love you all &pray for you everyday! I am getting more excited for you to go on a mission Colin because no matter where you go you are going to love it. Mom &Dad prepared us well for this experience. The address of the home I’m in right now is.   So send me mail! Hope everyone has a great week! I love you all.
Con amor,
Hermana White/Aud



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