Letter 9 – Last post from the MTC

​Mi familia!
Well it is Saturday morning and I am leaving on Tuesday. I AM SO EXCITED! I leave at 8am from the MTC so we should get to the airport around 9, and expect a call from me after then! Mom &Dad PLEASE let me know who I should call via dearelder and if everyone who can could be there would that would be GREAT! It’s my last chance to call until Christmas! Which actually isn’t that far away. Haha. I am exited to get into the field. Not really nervous yet, maybe that will come later…? I feel prepared actually, and I know my whole district is ready as well. It’s a good feeling to know that the only think you can do to learn more about being a missionary/missionary work is to buckle down and DO IT.
This week was a good week, probably the most exciting thing was our in-field orientation yesterday. It was a bunch of workshops all day long with role playing/presentations/a play about missionary work. It was pretty fun and it was a good review of everything we have learned here at the MTC. I saw Ellie Hansen!!! Well Newell now I guess. It was awesome to talk to her, I saw her throughout the day. The elders in our district had her for one of the workshops, I was jealous. It was fun being there because that means you are near the end of the MTC experience. FREEDOM! Sort of. Haha. 🙂

I am trying to think of things I learned this week to share with you all. I have learned that the gift of discernment is CRUCIAL in missionary work! Hermana Millan stopped us hermanas in the middle of a lesson (actually it was just Hna Hodgson and I teaching, Hna Kidd had coordinating sister meetings to attend to) and told us that WE HAVE IT. I was like whaaaaaaaat we have the gift of discernment? How does she know? SHE is the one with that gift. Crazy! Hna Millan definitely has it and it is something I desire so that we can truly meet the needs of investigators. Well I don’t know if I believe her yet (maybe for Hna Hodgson, haha) but its something I hope to acquire in my mission. Speaking of our teachers, I am going to miss them a lot. Hermano Brown and Hermana Millan have MADE our MTC experience really amazing. I have learned so much from both of them about how to be a good missionary and a more CHRISTLIKE person. They are definitely inspired. I feel so blessed to have had them as my teachers. Monday I think we are having a fiesta for our night class (last class before the field!) and I just want to thank them for all of the above and beyond work they have done as teachers. I will miss our DISTRICT! I wish we were all going to the same mission!!!! The elders in my district are really amazing, they are going to be good missionaries. I’m not even just saying that because they are the elders in MY district… even compared to the other missionaries here, there is something different about them. They are more mature for sure. Haha. I know they’ll go forth into the world (well the U.S., haha. because we are all state side) and teach people with power and authority. I have learned a lot from them. And E. Semph and Laduke are coming with meeee to Sacramento! I’m thankful.

      Well I hope everyone had a good week. Thanks Mom &Dad for your dearelders this week! I always love reading them. You know you can still dearelder me when I’m in Sacramento, right??? Well Abs Colin and Elle I didn’t hear from anyone this week but I hope you’re all doing GREAT. I love telling people about my family here. Because you are wicked awesome. Ok so I just needed to be a little New England-y right there, haha. I miss you all!!!! I hope school/work/life is going well. Colin, keep me updated in the byu application. Abs, I heard you wrote Claire a hand written letter and not me…..ehhhhhhhh? I am expecting a handwritten letter in the mail.;) haha. The Kroff family wrote me, it was SO SWEET. Heber &TJ if you are reading this thank you, you have the best Mom and I miss your family! Tauna, I am still working on a letter for you. Sorry its been a few weeks its been BUSY! But I will write you soon.:) Hope school is going well! Grandma, thank you for the card! It was sweet and I loved it. GAH time is short!

     WELL I am excited to get into the field and start teaching real people. It’s going to be fun. I might have to send a package home if that’s okay, just of things I don’t need. Would someone just put it in my room when you get it? Thanks familia. Also, did anyone find my camera charger? I really need it for PICTRES (Mom!!!! Hopefully that’s motivation for someone to find it and send it to me. haha). Hopefully I wrote everything I was thinking about. LOVE YOU ALL and my next letter will be from Sacramento, Ca wooooooooooooooohooooooooooooooooooooooooooooooo!

Les amo! Con amor, Hermana White/Aud


2 thoughts on “Letter 9 – Last post from the MTC

    • The Mission Home Address:

      Hermana Audrey White
      California Sacramento Mission
      8267 Deseret Ave.
      Fair Oaks, CA 95628

      Thank you so much Trice! Sorry I missed you yesterday in Amherst. Thank you for the disk. You are so thoughtful. Hopefully see you in a few weeks at our lunch. We are sending Sarah letters (and a little book of quotes) this week.
      Love, Jacque

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