Letter 8

Date: September 07, 2012
Area: MTC
Companion: Hermana Kidd & Hodgson

Hola familia. 🙂      I miss you all a lot. This week was really intense (good and bad) and I will write about it all (hopefully). I did not get my travel plans yesterday. Everyone in my district got their travel plans except the 3 of us going to Sacramento, which not going to lie it’s a big bummer. I am ready to leave the MTC so seeing everyone else get their travel plans but the 3 of us was really dissappointing. Getting travel plans in the MTC is better than Christmas I tell you! So sorry fam I can’t tell you until next week when I am leaving (well it should be Tuesday Sept. 18th in the Morning, I just don’t know when).  Hopefully we get our plans sometime today, Saturday, or Monday. We just don’t know when they’re coming. I did buy a calling card so I will be able to call you in the airport! (It’s absolutley acceptable, according to my MTC Branch President!) So that will be really exciting. MOM thank you for dropping off that luggage and bedding, I got it with no problems. We also got your cake and rolls that you sent! BUT we had actually just started a fast as a district right before we got it! So we are going to eat it tonight after we break our fast. Well I guess I will explain now why we are all fasting.

     Elder Laduke’s brother took his own life Sunday, and he found out about it Sunday night. All of the Elders in our district knew by Monday morning but the Hermanas (us) didn’t find out until Tuesday morning (even though we knew something big had happened). SO that has been weighing heavily on our district this week, but you know what? Elder Laduke had the choice to go home but he chose to STAY. Words cannot describe we all felt about him after we heard that. (E. Laduke is one of the elders going to Sacramento with me, I am grateful because he is so strong and inspiring). The president of the MTC told him that it would be okay to go home and then come back after the funeral, but he chose to stay. WOW. He is so strong and didn’t even skip a beat here on his mission. I think he is still going through the grieving process (obviously) but he is here and working hard just like the rest of us. Holy cow. I can’t imagine being as strong if something that devistating happened in my family. We have all tried to act normal so that he is not reminded of his brother’s death constantely. E. Laduke bore such a POWERFUL testimony about the atonement and how he knows that this gospel is true. We were all so touched and I don’t think anyone in our district could keep from letting the tears flow. ‘
The Atonement is REAL and I know all things, ALL THINGS can be made right and just through it’s power. I can’t really convey how I feel about this through email or even in person. It’s just too powerful and difficult to comprehend, but I know that is is true and real and we have the ability to use it. Hopefully Elder Laduke and his family feel the effects of our fast.
      Sunday was a great day. My Hermanas and I taught a lesson on the Atonement and covered the healing &enabling power of it, as well as taking joy in knowing who Christ is. It’s amazing what Heavenly Father can do with you once you are called to do the work.I feel the ability to testify in such a powerful way that I know does not come from myself. I also bore my testimony because it was the last chance I have to do so at the MTC, and most of my district did as well. It was really uplifting. Wednesday we were all able to Host! Which was really fun. This means we get to show around all of the new missionaries that came in on Wednesday. It was fun to have a little break from regular missionary work and bring the new sisters around and get them settled. We get to host again this Wednesday which I am excited about! It’s fun and a break from the normal routine.
      One other interesting thing I have been thinking about this week is what a mission really is. Our teacher, Bro. Brown, told us that a lot of people come on a mission to “give back” to the Lord (this is very true!). He said that in reality, you come off of your mission MORE in debt to the Lord that ever before. When I heard that, I knew it was true. WOW. How humbling. Here we are all serving and thinking we are doing so great but in reality the Lord has given us everything and the only thing I can hope to do on my mission is work hard and try to get out of the way so that Heavenly Father can do His work. Haha. It is so true though. He will guide us throughout this mission and give us more help that we have ever needed before. So no, I will never be able to pay Him back. What a silly thought anyway. Nonetheless I am so EXCITED to get out there and get to work!
     Once again thank you to everyone who sent me things this week! I really wish I could sit and write everyone back all day BUT we just don’t have the time. Maybe in the field we will. Maybe. Haha. I am SO grateful for all the love though! I have so much mail I cannot even read it all at night. Isn’t that crazy!? I fell so incredibly blessed. Hyde family, thank you for all of your dear elders! And Grandpa, thank you for sending me that update, I loved reading it. Family, I miss you!!!!!!! Mom I hope you’re having fun in Provo. Hahahah when I read your note I thought ‘i have the most amazing mom in the world’. I loved it. There is no such thing as a break in the MTC! Or ever on a mission. Haha. But I don’t really want a break anyway. Sometimes we teach lessons outside which is fun. Dad, thanks for the dearelders this week. I love the family updates. Ellebelle, I hope you had a great birthday! I heard you went to the TEMPLE!!!! I wish I could have been there. Isn’t is so amazing? I loved doing baptisms when I was your age. Colin and Abs I’m glad you went too. Abs I heard you aced all of your finals! Way to go sis. I love you all so much.   Well I need to wrap this up! Love you family &friends! I can’t wait to get out of the MTC and be a REAL missionary! Ha. I would say I will let you know when I get my travel plans but I can’t get on email til next pday so…. until then!

con amor,  Audrey aka. Hermana White
Audrey – Hermana White


One thought on “Letter 8

  1. Hermana White, it sounds like you are ready to go to Sacramento and get busy! We are thinking about you and the other sisters serving from our Stake. I am so proud of you!
    Sis. Young

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