Letter 7

Buenas tardes mi familia!


                         I am sorry about this being late today. For various reasons we just had to email later today but I hope you still enjoy! This week really flew by, time is picking up. Which is good, because as much as I enjoy the MTC I am REALLY excited for the field. I am starting to get a little claustrophobic here in the MTC actually, haha. It is a lot of people in a tiny tiny space! But I am still enjoying it and learning lots. We get our travel plans on Thursday, about 10 days before we leave. I am so excited! I met 2 Sisters going to Sacramento English speaking and 4 Elders who are going Laos speaking. I told them I had an uncle who went Laos speaking so that was kind of fun.
          Also I have been having more energy recently, a much needed blessing. I have been praying for it more and you know what, God answers prayers. Who would have thought. Faith is a wonderful thing and I am always happy when I actually use and apply it! I also pray for you all cada dia! Hopefully you feel the effect of this missionary´s prayer.Image
       THANK YOU for the hand written letters! I really loved getting them, it is always so uplifting. Colin I loved your message, so profound and then aight see ya bye! Haha I loved it. The quote by Elder Holland is so true…. ´´However late you think you are, however many chances you think you have missed, however many mistakes you feel you have made or talents you think you don’t have, or however far from home and family and God you feel you have traveled, I testify that you have not traveled beyond the reach of divine love. It is not possible for you to sink lower than then infinite light of Christ´s Atonement shines.´´ This is SO TRUE! I have been thinking lately about the enabling power of the Atonement… not only how the Atonement makes it possible to be forgiven of our sins but how it makes everything else in our lives POSSIBLE. Nothing could be done without it in my life. Image
         I started reading Jesus the Christ 2 weeks ago (I´m about 300 pgs through, I got sucked in!) and WOW it is so amazing. I love reading about His life and learning new insights…this book is changing my mission and my LIFE. http://www.lds.org/mp3/display/0,18692,5297-60,00.html
      I know that the more we know of Christ the easier it becomes to testify of Him. I think about D&C where it says first seek ye to obtain my word, then to teach it (obviously paraphrased). Ah I wish I could convey with words how I feel about this. Colin especially for you next year serving a mission you will come to realize the healing power of the Atonement and how it has the ability to CHANGE LIVES including your own. How powerful. How merciful God is to let us have agency and also the Atonement. It is exciting and I am so excited to bring people the good news of the Gospel.
                     Sunday I gave a talk which was kind of fun. Everyone prepares talks Sunday and then they will call 2 missionaries at random in the branch to speak so you will never know if you are going to speak or not until they call your name. Well, if ye are prepared ye shall not fear and I was glad I was prepared! The topic was baptism so I got to give my first talk in Spanish which was fun. I really enjoyed it! The talks are only 5ish minutes so they are short but I enjoyed testifying in Spanish. Wahoooooo!  Image
       Well I got so much mail this week I could hardly read it all! Haha. I feel so blessed. Tauna, thanks for your dearelder (again!) I hope the first week of school went well &I am working on another letter for you!!! Pradeepa, thank you for your email dear. I just saw Jenna actually at the BYU health center (we went there for a perscription for Hna Kidd) and she was radiant! I pray for you always dear and I miss you. You are so wonderful. My companion Hermana Hodgson LOVES India and it is her dream to go there. I told her all about you and the Church in India. So amazing. Devan wrote me this week as well and she is doing well in the South of France! The gospel is so true I feel blessed to have friends who are serving at the same time as meeee!    Melissa, thank you so much for your dearelder. I loved your testimony and I agree being a special witness of Christ is so edifying and fulfilling. I am beginning to taste that and am excited to partake of that goodness for the rest of my mission. I´m glad the Bradford family is all settled in Switzerland! I know both my family back home and I pray for you often.
        Mom thanks for wanting to send cake, I´m sorry our ovens didn´t work. Haha they tend to be confusing. I did love your letter though along with everyone else´s letters. Dad I´m glad you are biking again! That makes me happy. Abs, I´m glad you are rocking all of your classes, keep it up sis. And that you´ve been tearing it up with YW Personal Progress! That´s awesome. ELLEBELLE your birthday! SO soon! I just sent you a card today so I hope it gets to you by your bday. I am so excited you are going into YW! You are OLD! haha. I wish I could be there for your birthday. Colin, I ´m so happy you are applying to both BYU´s. Whichever one you get into will be the right one for you and you´ll love going before your mission. I´m excited for you. I love you all so much.
      Let´s see what else. Hna Kidd, Hodgson and I sang in the Tuesday night devotional choir this week it was fun! We sang Jesus Once of Humble Birth and it was really powerful. I also saw Sorella Bradford in the choir with her companion! I see her so often and it makes me happy. Oh Mom! I don´t remember if I even told you but Sister Scoggin lived right across the hallway from me! She is so cool we got to know each other a little bit. I hope I see her at BYU after the mission. She just left for Germany this week and I got to say bye to her, she is going to be a great missionary I can tell.
Well I should wrap this up, late on time as always. I love you all thank you for your prayers and thoughts. I feel so blessed to be here serving and I cant wait to get out into the field! 2.5 weeks! AHH!
Les amo muchisimo.
Con amor,
Hermana White



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