Letter 6

Letter 6

Date: August 24, 2012 
Area: MTC 
Companion: Hermana Kidd & HodgsonImage

Hola familia!

    Well this week went by really fast! The days and weeks are definitely starting to pass by quickly so before I know it I will be in the field. (Hopefully). Haha. I think our district is getting cabin fever and we are a little anxious to get out of the MTC and into the field. But I am also trying to enjoy all of the we have left, because it is still 3ish weeks until we leave. And then we
will be REAL missionaries! I am excited.

      The highlight of this week was definitely Tuesday devotional. We heard from an APOSTLE! And I am grateful because some people make it through the MTC without hearing from any. Although all of the speakers at the devotionals are generally really great. We heard from Elder Neal A. Anderson and it was POWERFUL. It was a lot of  missionary 101 things but with the power that comes from being a special Witness of Christ. He was also very personable and humorous, which I always love because it makes the Apostles seem down to earth. One of my favorite things Elder Anderson said was when we don’t know what to teach or what to do…. simply testify of the Atonement. I CAN DO THAT! It was comforting to know that that is the thing we should testify of because there are so many aspects of the gospel that you can teach to people and it can be overwhelming. However the Atonement of Jesus Christ is truly the most important thing we can know about in this life because it is the enabling force for everything else (Plan of Salvation, Restoration, etc.) I think every missionary left just feeling the Spirit and feeling uplifted. I know I did. It was such a blessing to hear from him and to be so close to him! So cool.

     What else happened this week…In Spanish we have moved into the conditional and  subjunctive verb tenses and I’m grateful because it just enables you to express yourself more and better get your ideas across especially in lessons. I’m so thankful for the opportunity I have to teach the gospel in another language. Not only do you need to simplify the gospel to teach it (which is humbling and also useful, you need to teach investigators simple principles they can understand) it is also amazing for me to experience the gospel in another language. It is good on both ends. I think it strengthens my testimony that this gospel is for all people!!! I love reading the scriptures in Spanish and can actually read them now without my English scriptures. It’s more fun to read in Spanish! I love it. Singing the hymns in Spanish is also 
such a blessing, I love seeing how different things translate. I just feel really blessed to have to learn another language because I know that every missionary is called to preach the gospel in the language and for the people that they will be the most successful with and learn the most from. Heavenly Father KNOWS what He is doing because I would have neved guessed Spanish or Sacramento but you know what it’s the right thing and I am learning to TRUST in Him and His will for me/everyone else. There is a lot I can learn from all of the people in Sacramento. 
And Grandpa you are right I do feel a special connection with them already even though I have never been there. So this week was good. We are preparing our “investigator” Rodrigo for baptism which is great! I can’t wait to do that in the real world! Haha. Can you tell I am ready 
to leave soon? My companions and I keep joking that they will “accidently” give us our travel plans early in the mail and we will just have to leave a week or two early! Haha.


     Thanks Grandma and Grandpa for the cookies! Everyone in my district loved them. I loved all of the dear elders you both sent me this week, thank you thank you! Kelly Heath……oh my goodness I just love you. Haha I couldn’t stop laughing when I read your letter! So trueabout the gringa espanol. Although in the TRC this week we had a native Spanish speaker and I understood her pretty well! She spoke really fast but I got the general gist of it. We will see. I’m excited to speak Spanish with you when I get homeeeeeee! And yes I understood the Spanishpart you wrote for me. Melissa also wrote me a sweet letter this week, they are all settled in Switzerland and it sounds like the Bradford family is doing really well. Mama Ruesch also wrote me a really sweet letter this week and I am going to write one back to her today. And 
Tauna Woodward! I was so happy when I got your letter!!!! I am writing you back today.

      Well I need to wrap this letter up! I am trying to think of anything else. ELLEBELLE your birthday is soon! I am so excited for you to go into Young Women’s! You are going to love it. I got you a  birthday card I need to send and you will laugh because it is totally your sense of humor. I love it. Colin do you start school soon? When do you leave work? Abs I heard you aced all of your tests so far awesome job sis. Keep it up! Mom THANK YOU for sending me those pictures! I lovethem and I love you so much. I especially love the ones of Colin and I saying goodbye, SO SWEET. Wow we are so old! When did all of this happen. Haha. I am so 
excited for you to go on a mission next year. Dad I loved all of your dearelders this week thanks! I am jealous that the leaves are starting to turn I miss New England in the fall… sigh. Well I love you family and thank you to everyone else who wrote me I appreciate the love and support SO much! I wish I could respond to everyone with a handwritten letter but we only have until 11:30 for pday (we lovingly refer to it as “p hours” haha) because then we have lunch/study time (lame that they make us study on pday! oh well)/Temple (which I LOVE)/dinner/class from 6:30 to 9:30. So we are still busy on p days or hours. Haha. Well anyway I love you all les amo! Ciao familia!

     Con amor,

     Hermana White/Aud

 Ps. HERMANA WILSON is in Panama already!!!!!!!!!!! wow!



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