Letter 5

Date: August 17, 2012
Area: MTC
Companion: Hermana Kidd & Hodgson

Hola Familia!

      Te amo muchisisimo. (I love you a lot). Thank you so much for writing me and keeping me updated! It really helps knowing what is going on in the outside world. It’s funny now because I think of the Provo temple as the “outside world” haha but that is not really the truth. I hope everyone is doing well! To Colin:  Sorry work has been so tough for you buddy, keep up the good work though! Like I said it’s good practice for a mission because you work like you do in the bindary ALL DAY but then again it is way more edifying doing missionary work. It’s good practice though! I hope you get out and about though, I really do understand being stuck in one place all the time. Haha.
Dad I hope meeting with Sister Dalton was great! I should tell Sorella Bradford next time I see her. Mom thanks for your letter(s), I always love reading them!  You are an awesome Mom and I love you so much.  And it’s nice to know that you have the same struggle with showing people how deep and profound your love for them is because that is exactly how I feel too! But I will work on that.
Elle and Abs, love you girls. Thanks for your little letter Ellebelle, I loved reading it. You are FUNNY and I love it.  Okay Mom I will try to answer all of the questions! (meme reference). Yes I do get to see Sorella Bradford and Hermana Wilson ALL THE TIME its so great! For some reason I though they lived in the 18M building last time I wrote but they actually do live in 17M (my building) just on the floor below me. So I see them all the time and it is wonderful. They have become friends! DREAM COME TRUE. I love seeing them around the MTC. And yes I do see other girls from BYU like Sister Brown and I also met Sister Scoggin!  (I don’t know what Sister is in German, lo siento). She is super sweet and actually lives right across the hallway from me. I also saw Hermana McLaws?!  I didn’t even know she was going on a mission! It’s awesome to see people I know every which way. I am sending you the memory card TODAY! Sorry I couldn’t send it Monday, we can only send mail on Pdays. PLEASE don’t let anything happen to it and send it back asap! Would you mind putting those pictures I do have on Abs/my computer so they’re backed up? Also, Gabe wanted to see them so would you send some to him or put some on the blog? Thanks Mama! I took a lot this week so I hope you are happy with them. Oh and I heard through the grapevine that you are using my facebook account now for your own uses?! Haha.  Thank would be great. 🙂 Thanks Mom for taking care of my facebook and the blog stuff while I am serving.

Health wise I am fine. It is a little difficult to sleep here, not sure why, but it seems to be a common phenomenon and so I’m not alone in that. And yes WE ARE HALF WAY THROUGH (the MTC)! Wahooooooooo! I truly do love the MTC now that we are in the Missionary routine. It’s so spiritually uplifting. It is a little mentally draining studying and staying still all the time BUT I love it and I am learning so much. Crazy to think we are already halfway through it, time is a flyin. I am trying to savor all of the time I have left here but also really looking forward to being in the field. I am so excited! I feel such desire to get out there and teach people, even when it’s hard. Hopefully that answers all of the questions!   This week for the Sunday devotional I said the closing prayer which was kind of fun! I was on TV! And said a prayer in front of 3,000 people…. I really liked it. We got to sit on the stage which I thought was fun and my companions did too. We shook hands of the MTC President and his councelors and hugged their respective wives. The man who was directing us said “Have you ever prayed in front of 3,000 people?” and the Elder in my district who was saying the opening prayer and I said “No” and he said “Close your eyes and it’s easy!” haha oh missionary humor. It was fun.

Let’s see. Sunday night we watched a Christmas devotional from Elder Bednar (who reminds me a lot of Dad) and it was really great. It kind of became the theme of my week and I want it to become the theme of my LIFE!  His message was that the Savior always turned outward when you or I would turn inward and cave to our own selfish desires. WHOA. I know, it was really powerful. In moments of greatest trial, weakness, and pain, the Savior always turned UTWARD to others. And what do we do? Turn inward and think of us. (Well at least for me). Be selfish and self centered. But this is not good! We need to be more like the Savior and turn outward to serve others and lift them up when we are feeling tried ourselves, because that is what He would do and DID. Elder Bednar told a story of a woman who had her daughter pass away and how she was always concerned with how OTHERS were grieving and not herself. Wow…. that would be difficult. This message really resided with me and I hope I can remember the impact it had so that I can turn outward instead of inward. I made a goal this week to follow that when I was feeing tired or whatever else I would think of my companions or district or anyone else but myself and you know what IT WORKS. Who would have thought. The power or the Atonement is so REAL and can change our own lives if we allow it to. I’ve also been learning that the Savior always wants and becons us to come and use the Atonement. DONT let His sacrifice for you go to waste! Because if you learning how to use it in my life in a very real way and its so amazing.  It changes us. I love it &am so grateful for it.

To all my siblings: GO ON A MISSION. It will change your life. I have only been here one month (17 to gooooooo! haha) and it has already changed me. BUT! Don’t go because you want it to change you. Haha. That is the trick. Focus on others and bringing them unto Christ and as a result you will be changed in a very real way. I know these things to be true! They are. Well my challenge this week was kind of feeling like I am not progressing in Spanish as much as I was before and not really improving my teaching as much either even though I am working hard at both. Sigh. I think that is part of the learning process though and I hope this coming week I can work really hard and improve. We have been focusing a lot on Hermana Hodgson because she struggles the most with the language and Hna Kidd and I help her a lot during study time (she also has a tutor). It has been really good and I know we both love helping her, she has grown and improved in Spanish SO MUCH. But I also need to push myself and improve SO that is what I am going to do. Hna Kidd and I are what we call “MTC fluent” which means we can speak fluently with each other and while giving a lesson. But! We are not actually fluent in the real world. Haha. I am excited to get to that point though. Missionary work means WORKING HARD! And you know what I actually like working really hard here. Because the goal is to invite others unto Christ. I couldn’t think of a more worthy goal.

SO I need to wrap this up. The Knumane’s wrote me a sweet dearelder and the Millers were in Provo and dropped Krispy Kreme donuts off for me! So sweet. I feel so loved. Thanks to everyone who has been writing me, I really love getting mail. Haha the Elders in our district always make fun of us because the Hermanas ALWAYS get the most mail. They say “were you popular or something before you left on your mission?!” And I say yes. Hahahah! But really thank you.

One last thing! I have been thinking a lot about my friend Munni Pradeepa from India. Would someone pass along the message that I love her and miss her? Also would someone send me Jon Ward’s address? That would be great. I LOVE you all family and friends and I am so happy to be here and to be a missionary. Te amo!

Con amor, Hermana White/Aud


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