Letter 3

Date: August 03, 2012
Area: MTC
Companion: Hermana Kidd & Hodgson

Hola familia!   So many things to tell and say but so little time!!! OKAY I am going to try my best to type fast and try to send pictures but I have heard that sending photos is hard. I will try! So little time! Okay.

Well there were many miracles that happened this week. Mom I will try to answer all the questions you sent me in this email! So this week we started teaching 2 new “investigators” (our teachers acting like investigators that they actually taught) named Rogrigo and Maria Jesus. It’s a really great experience and I love preparing lessons and trying to seek inspiration about what they need to hear. I can feel not only my Spanish improve as we plan lessons but also my ability to be guided by the Spirit in what to say. It’s amazing how the Lord can bless you.

       So on Pday we go to the Temple in the afternoons. A few hours after I sent my email last week I went to the temple with my Hermanas and guess who I saw?! The LOVELY Tiana Birrell! OH my goodness what a miracle! I thought she was still in Massachusetts so I was SHOCKED to see her in the Provo Temple. They were dropping off Jackson (now Elder Birrell!) at the MTC and she was doing a session with a friend. What a wonderful sight! I felt so blessed to be able to see her. And Wednesday!!!! Wednesday las bonitas Sorella Bradford and Hermana Wilson got here and I saw them BOTH! Claire on Wednesday night and Sarah Thursday morning. They both live in the building right next to me and they live NEXT DOOR to each other! I am jealous! Their rooms share a wall. Who would have thought. I am so happy to have friends in the MTC. What a blessing. I am excited to see them at lunch and studying and walking around. Yay for Sister missionaries!!!
This week was a good week for unity in our district. I have grown to love the Elders in our district and I love my own companions (we are the only Hermanas in the district…usually there is only one Sister companionship per district I’ve noticed). For Mom, my companions names are Sarah Kidd and Rachel Hodgson. Hermana Kidd is from Bountiful UT and Hermana Hodgson is from Magna UT. The Elders names are: Elder Welker & Barker, Elder Semph & Laduke (going to Sacramento!), Elder Robinson & Jones, and Elder Villgas & Redd. They are really fun missionaries to talk to and are going to be great missionaries in the field. I really love my district! We are all stateside Spanish speaking missionaries. This week Hermana Hodgson was having some trouble with the language and has been feeling overhwelmed. We were teaching a lesson and she started crying and actually walked out of the lesson! It was really sad. Hna Kidd and I followed her of course and she was in the bathroom crying. She told us she was just feeling overwhelmed that Spanish wasn’t coming more easily and she thought she was holding us back. Hna Kidd and I assured her that she was doing no such thing and that she added so much to our lessons and our companionship (she really does, Hna Hodgson is one of the sweetest and most Christlike people I know). I said a prayer for all of us and then she got a blessing from our teacher, Hermano Brown. It was a great blessing of reassurance and really touched all of us. It was very sweet. She felt a lot better afterward, I could tell. Elder Jones also got a blessing this week He was originally called to speak English in his mission but got injured in the MTC so to have time to recover got swithed over to Spanish. He was also struggling with the language. He got a blessing from our teacher and all of the Elders in the room and it was AMAZING. So incredibly powerful. I felt blessed to witness it. Miracles happened this week! I am thankful.
So Mom to answer your questionnaire. Haha. 🙂 Lots of people have written me! I get so much mail it’s incredible! The Dermody family wrote me. SO sweet, they all wrote letters/drew pictures. The Ruesch family sent me a package (SO SWEET! I was so touched when I got it) that had dark chocolate and popcorn in it (my favorites!) and I wrote them a letter to thank them. The Bradfords also sent me a package (dark CHOCOLATE ALSO! Wahoo! I have been sharing, haha don’t worry I haven’t gotten out of shape from all of this food) and it was so sweet. People are so kind to missionaries! Mimi also wrote me and I will have to write them back. Chloe wrote me as well! So sweet. The whole Hyde family wrote me last week. Grandma and Grandpa as well. I feel so loved. Who else. OH you my family thank you for writing! I loved all the postcards! Hahahahah Ellebelle thanks for the card with the honeybadger I was laughing so hard when I got it! So hilarious. (Heeeeeeee! *claws*) Haha. I’ll keep your secret safe. Abs, love you sis. Thanks for the postcard and the “dearelder” letter too. You’re sweet. Colin thanks for the “dearelder!” After I read the letter I had the fishypole song stuck in my head all night. Haha. Love you my brother. I hope Brenden can go to Longmeadow Highschool with you! All of the mail is just so uplifting and makes it easier to do missionary work during the day. I wish I could respond to every single letter individually but there is no time! But I love reading it all and knowing whats going on with everybody. I love it.
     Oh the rest of your questions! My approximate date of departure from the MTC is September 18th. Everybody is asking about the food so I will say that some of it is good (wraps, salads, desserts….is this surprising to you? Haha) and some of it is not so good. I don’t mind it at all, you just have to get the good dishes because some of the other food is stale. But I like it. Sundays are very busy in the cafeteria because everyone eats at the same time but the other days are managable. It’s good! Favorite part of the MTC….probably my district, my teachers, and my companions. So basically, the people. I love the people here! They are so great and we all work hard together. Our teachers (Hna Millan from Spain and Hermano Brown from Ut) are really amazing and love us a lot, we can tell. Hna Millan actually pulled me aside yesterday night during class and said that she can tell I am advanced but to KEEP WORKING HARD! She wants to see me improve just like everybody else and not to stunt my growth. She said to raise the bar. I said OKAY! I will push myself and learn the most I can in the MTC. She said she wants to see me use more tenses (preterite/conditional/subjunctive/future etc) when I speak because she knows I can do it. (I hope this doesn’t come off as showing off, I am really not THAT advanced in Spanish I just understand all of the things we have been talking about so far in class). Anyway, back to the questions. Yes we went to the temple last week and we are going again today! Yay! I love our weekly trips to the temple. Least favorite thing is being tired in the afternoon. Oh! I forgot to tell you I am sick. Haha. Just a cold and runny nose. Probably from being in tight quarters with so many people. Germs from all over the world and whatnot. It should be gone in a few days hopefully.
I feel so blessed to be a missionary. It’s an incredible thing and I absolutely love it. I miss you family! I am going to try to send pictures right now but if it doesn’t work I am SO sorry I want to send you some! I am already over time. I will try my best. I have more things I want to write but I need to stop because of time. You are in my prayers! I put many family/individual names on the Temple prayer roll when I go so I hope everybody gets blessings! Haha. I am growing and changing and becoming better. Thinking of others and not of myself. Its amazing. Love you family! Le amo!

Con amor,
Hermana White/Audrey


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