Letter 2

ImageDate: July 27, 2012
Area: MTC
Companion: Hermana Kidd & Hodgson

 Hi Family!    
      Phew I am glad it is preparation day today. Right now I am doing laundry and I have lots to tell you but only have 30minutes to do so! Plus I want to send pictures so I will try to figure out how to do that. Well this week has been really great and I have learned a lot. Every day seems to go by more and more quickly in this crazy MTC time warp. Because yes, it is a crazy time warp here. This week we taught our “investigator” Paulina 5 lessons and committed her to baptism! I realize it is just practice BUT we decided in our companionship to treat it like a real investigator and I felt really blessed for preparing the lessons as if she were a real investigator. We were really inspired and led by the Spirit with what to teach and say to her. Paulina had been drinking and smoking (socially) and was living with her boyfriend, so besides the messge of the restored Gospel (which we taught her) we also taught her about the Word of Wisdom and the Law of Chastity (which was not easy, but it was worth it). In our fourth lesson, when she could have either turned us away or have chosen to be baptized, we asked her if she loved God or loved Gregorio (her boyfriend) more. She said Gregorio!!! So in our last lesson we prayed and really thought about what she needed to hear. We decided we needed to teach her about how much God loves her and about Eternal Marriage. We showed her the chart of wife/husband and God at the top (the triangle chart) and how as we put God first we can grow closer to our spouses. It also makes for a happy and eternal family. She got it! Paulina said she wanted that and thats what made her committ to baptism! In addition to the Spirit she felt, of course. (That is the way people are truly converted, I am learning). It was so happy and I got a taste of what it will feel like to tell people about the Gospel. It’s a wonderful feeling.
      I am so excited for SARAH WILSON and CLAIRE BRADFORD to ger here Wednesday! I keep telling my companions about you two. haha. Sarah you could live on my floor! Or even be in my zone! That would be awesome. If not, I see people I know here all the time so I know I will see you both a fairly frequently. And HAPPY BIRTHDAY to Claire!!!!! I hope you enjoyed that early birthday gift. haha. This week I saw Kai Peterson and Matt Pepp. It was really fun to see them. And Cara Duchene is here!!!! I was studying the scriptures en Espanol and I heard… “Sister White!” and it was Sister Duchene. She is on my floor it turns out! For those of you who don’t know her, she came to byu not a member of the church and was baptized freshman year. And she is now a missionary! The Gospel is amazing.
     This week in my personal study I have been reading the scriptures in Spanish. Before I would read a verse in Spanish and then one in English. Now I am reading the verse first in Spanish and figuring out what it says and then reading it in English. This has been very effective! I feel that Heavenly Father is blessing me so much here, I can understand a lot when reading. Usually when people are speaking I can understand them and respond with the simple Spanish I know. God blesses missionaries when they work hard! 
      We watched a video this week about companionship invantory and I couldn’t help but think it was like a reality tv show. Haha. It was very dramatic. However! I know companionship invantory is important. It was like the “real lives” of missionaries or something like that. Ha.
      THANK YOU all for writing me! I didn’t get any mail until Tuesday night for some reason and I was feeling sad. But then Tuesday I got SO many letters and the package you sent me Mom&Dad! Thank you all for writing me I needed it and I just felt so uplifted from the support. Ellebelle, I loved your letter and hahahah I read the one in Spanish you sent me. It was cute. Chloe, I am so excited for you!!! Seeing Taylor at the airport will be amazing! Mama Ruesch, thank you for the letter too! And happy anniversary 🙂 I will write your family soon. Mom and Dad, thanks for the package. It was awesome! We eat the cookies every night because we have dinner here at 4:30 (crazy, right?) so by 9:30 we are hungry again. Haha. And Mama, thanks for all the dear elder letters. I love getting them. Dad/Elle/Abs, are you on the road right now? Where are you? I want to hear about your adventures cross country. Colin……………you should write me soon. I miss you. Also Mom thank you for doing the blog and facebook group for me. It sounds perfect the way you described it to me! I really appreciate it. 
      Gabe: Can you send me your parent’s address? I need to write them!
   Mom/Dad: Could someone send me Reuben’s address? I need to write him too. Could you also send me Devan’s address in France?        
      Grandma and Grandpa: Thank you for writing me! Your letters are so sweet. And HAPPY ANNIVERSARY! I am sorry I couldn’t be there to celebrate with you.Kelly Heath: I opened your package (it was a little freakout moment, but I mostly wanted to read that talk…sneaky sneaky! haha) and WOW it is an amazing talk. I want to be the Fourth Missionary! It seems simple but it it blew my mind.

Well I just realized that I need a cord to put pictures on the computer so I am not sure I can send any this week. I will come back next week prepared! Sorry about that. I want to send you pictures. We did a temple walk last Sunday and took some pictures there so I will have to send you those next time. Sundays at the MTC are the best! So refreshing and motivating to be a good missionary. The firesides are great. We also have firesides Tuesday night which is wonderful. While the MTC is an intense experience I have adjusted to life here and am going to try to make the best of my time here. It’s really fun a lot of the time. There are a lot of rules but I know the Lord blesses us here so it is worth it.

One last thing! I have been doing yoga with some of the girls in my district for gym (or just by myself) and it has been amazing. We just did it outside while others played 4 square/soccer/ran. It felt so GOOD and I will defintiely be doing it for the rest of my mission, especially if I every have a companion that does not want to work out. (I just showed the girls some poses/salutations/balance poses and WOW it was so refreshing). I love every chance I can get to be outside.

WELL I am out of time. I love you all! Thank you for writing me and supporting me! Missionary work is amazing and I feel honored to be here and to work hard. Not every moment is fun or easy but overall I absolutely love the work that I am doing and it is so important! I’m grateful to be here. Have a great week mi familia y mis amigos!

Con amor,  Hermana White/Aud.


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