Letter 1 – July 21, 2012

Hola mi familia! Y mis amigos tambien.
     So I forgot my journal with all of your email addresses, I am sorry. So if the one person’s email I remembered could forward this email to the rest of the family that would be great! I miss you all.
     I survived the first 3 days of the MTC. This is an accomplishment! Haha. I absolutely love being a missionary and I am in love with the work I am preparing to do. Yesterday we taught our first lesson in Spanish (and yes it was 2 days after we got here, haha) and it went WONDERFULLY! Our “investigator” is named Paulina. (She is actually an MTC teacher but she is from Spain and served there on her mission). We saw a little clip about Paulina and then had a day to prepare a lesson to teach her. We taught her about God’s love for her because she already had a base knowledge in Catholocism. We also taught her about the Holy Spirit and about Eternal families because she mentioned how much she loved her family in the video clip. I understood everything she was saying. Heavenly Father has blessed me with the gift of tongues… I don’t know what it is but I can understand everything my teachers are saying and can speak with a lot of fluencey. The gift of tongues is REAL! I feel so blessed in everything I do here and I know that Heavenly Father is helping me so much already. I can’t wait to have realy investigators! Missionary work is very exciting.
     I am in a trio companionship (just like you, Mom!). It has worked really nicely so far. My companions are Hermana Kidd and Hermana Hodgson, they are both incredibly sweet and inspiring women. They are both from Utah. Hna Kidd is an elementry school teacher (already graduated BYU, she is 24) and is really outgoing and sharp. Hna Hodgson is more shy but she is a spiritual giant. She has never been away from home and I think she is doing really well in the MTC! I am trying to help her with her Spanish by reading a verse from the Book of Mormon in English and then a verse in Spanish (out loud. This also helps me too! It’s the best way to learn). She seemed really appreciative of that so I think we are going to keep doing this during study time. When we read the Spanish verses I tell her in my limited Spanish what all the words (that I know) mean so she can have a base knowledge of what is going on. Knowing French and taking Spanish 101 before I came here has been a lifesaver. The Spirit also guides and directs linguistic abilities, for which I am SO thankful.
     Every time for gym I either do 4 square (and kick the Elder’s butts! ….am I allowed to say butt?? No se…) or go running with some Hermanas from my district. This morning I did a combo and it was really nice to get outside and just run around. I really love the Hnas and Elders from my district, they are the best!!! We have good energy and unity. We all sit together during meal times so this helps on the “unity” part. Most of us are going State-side Spanish speaking, but a few are going to Canada or Hondures. Those who are going to places like Argentina or Chile must be in a different district…. We also met our Branch President and his counselors and their respective wives Tuesday night. I already love our Branch President (Pres. Stewart). He is very knoweldgable about the Book or Mormon. During the interview he thanked all of us (especially the Hna’s) for being there on missions. He made me Senior companion but I don’t know if this really means anything in the MTC. We all take turns being senior companions anyway. It’s been fun and I can’t believe it is already Saturday! Everyone who has been here is right: the MTC is a timewarp that makes days feel really long but the weeks will go by fast. I can already feel that is true! Which is a good thing because I am already antsy to get into the mission field. Ha.
     I hope you all are doing well! I love you my family! Dad, thank you for setting me apart. It was a beautiful blessing and I was glad to have (most) of the family around (I really missed you, Colin). Thank you for being my family. Please write me!!! My companiona have gotten lots of mail every night and I have had none…. it is sad. Dearelder me please! Or just email me because you are my family and you can. haha. Dad, Abs &Ell I hope the road trip is FUN! Please take good care of the jetta. It’s a magic jetta, I swear. Be safe! Write me! Te amo mi familia!
Con amor,
Hermana White
aka Audrey 🙂

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